What Makes A Hotel Luxurious

hotel-940730_1280I’ve spent most of my working days at Jack’s Brasserie, and I loved the place, but I’ve also had the chance to cook for other restaurants, and sometimes even hotels. During those times, when I was still young, I often found myself fascinated by all those different places. I personally liked the low-budget restaurants better, because they all had a warm atmosphere and a joyful staff, but I still find myself going down memory lane to catch another glimpse of the majestic buildings in which some of the five-star hotels were situated. What amazed me the most is the fact that opening a luxurious hotel is not as easy as it may seem. In other words, it’s not just about the money you’re willing to invest – you also need to be aware of the things that constitute such places. What follows are my modest observations, and since I’m a professional cook, I had to put food first.

Great food

In my opinion, you can’t have a luxurious hotel without great cuisine. When staying in a five-star hotel, people tend to expect the restaurant to offer not only delicious food, but also a wide selection of different dishes. It is also recommendable for the chef to offer a certain number of signature dishes.

Something to spice things up

Most luxurious hotels, for instance, have spas. And although a traditional offer should serve the purpose, each and every five-star hotel that I’ve visited had something extra, like a heated pool. You might think that that’s nothing special, but you should check a review of the equipment that’s necessary to keep it running before going any further.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be a pool equipped with a proper pool heater; it can be a winter garden, or a large aquarium, or a tennis court. It all depends on the type of clientele you’re trying to attract, as well as the overall image of your hotel.

Discreet and attentive service

People staying at luxurious hotels expect a certain kind of service. The staff should be extremely polite and helpful, as well as always around when they’re needed. But what’s crucial is that they also be very discreet, since the guests expect a high level of privacy.

Tasteful décor

Appearances are not that important, or so they say. It’s definitely not true when it comes to luxurious hotel. In such a place, dust, worn-out furniture and filthy wallpapers are simply not allowed, but what’s also important is the décor in general. Every five-star hotel that I’ve visited has featured tasteful furniture and luxurious decorations.

Comfortable rooms

You can tell a hotel by its beds. It’s true, since every decent hotel has quality mattresses, and fine linen. When it comes to luxurious places, you wouldn’t be out of place if you expected only top-of-the-line furniture.

Plenty of appliances and cosmetics

A room in a luxurious hotel is packed with useful appliances, including TV sets, hair dryers, towel racks that can also serve as heaters, shampoos, conditioners, bath salts etc. After all, these things are an important part of feeling comfortable.