What it means to be A Chef

ChefsLet me present myself. I am Tom and my work speaks for itself. I am a skilled person in my field of activity. I am in charge of food production in my restaurant. According to this description, you can call me a Chef. My duties are extremely diverse. I manage my kitchen and oversee my staff in order to plan menus, work out various dishes or manage raw material procurement.

Job as a Chef

My work as a chef is different from that of a cook. Sometimes the two terms chef and cook mean the same. However, both education and experience differ. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to become a chef. You should first work as an apprentice and learn the craft at a culinary academy and after that join an establishment. Sometimes you must spend some money to learn the trade. All in all, as a chef I spend long hours of work, doing my best to perform my job and please my clients. Being a chef is not an easy career but I have a strong passion for food and cooking.

There are some qualities that each chef should have when referring to this profession. A chef should have an absolute passion for both food and cooking, a food philosophy. As for me, I am fond of my profession. I have a total commitment to my job. I always work under pressure. I also have time management skills. I keep calm in difficult situations. My sense of business is at a higher level. I can also work as part of my team and mentor the others. I am able to take criticism if necessary and always please the client. I can create exquisite food and I am always up to date to the most recent trends in gastronomy.

I am endowed with communicative skills and I am good at establishing interpersonal relationships. I can tell that I am respected as a chef. In general, many chefs become celebrities with many bestselling cookbooks or their own television shows. As far as I am concerned, I do not want to become a famous person. I only want to share my experience and thoughts with you. I have a great career, and I am proud of my achievements. My remuneration is more than satisfactory. I do not complain, but my strong desire to be better in my profession is always there.
That is why, being a chef means a lot of things. It means learning, practice and passion. This career has changed my life. I want to continuously accomplish myself. I must both study and acquire knowledge. Even if I followed a culinary school, I always study to become even a better chef. Step by step, I also gained experience. I worked in little and big restaurants, hotels or informal settings. I also worked on different positions in a restaurant. Now I dedicated my life to be a full-time chef. This great art of cooking is my own life.

My Goal

My goal has always been to run my own business and to share my experience to others interested in this art. I have great respect for everything that is related to cooking such as ingredients, great food recipes, workspace, and all my team, my co-workers and colleagues. If you as a chef do not have some respect, it means that you do not deserve to be a chef. It is not something easy. It is really hard, but beautiful if you enjoy doing this profession. Therefore, being a chef requires many hours of hard work, discipline, dedication, education, knowledge, leadership skills as well as common sense. You could do it for the rewards, but without passion and commitment, you will not succeed in this profession. The first time you will wear the coat of a chef, you will realize that you are both the creator and the maker of great things. You will have the power to transform common things into great achievements. You will experience great respect for a colleague who prepares one of your dishes.

More than that, why I call myself a chef and not a cook should be further explained. The cook, irrespective of the talent, accomplish himself in the kitchen by any means, without much training. The cook imitates, experiments while gathering information from a mentor. A chef is the one to follow a training at a culinary school and get a degree or work as an apprentice to a chef, usually for free. A chef should always continue a form of education and gain as much experience as possible. No cook should advertise himself as a chef if he does not possess both education and experience. I worked hard for this title, and I followed step by step the criteria to become a chef. This title has both meaning and value to me.

Being chef means emotion, knowledge as well as experience. Being chef means more than cooking good food, as it establishes a standard I am proud of. This reflects in the food a chef presents to the clients in order to please them. I have many years of experience as a chef with both training and cooking. I want to share all this with you in addition to exquisite recipes. I am here as your chef to teach you this art of cooking and give you pieces of advice. This great art is difficult but at the same time beautiful and challenging. I am here as your chef to guide you in your endeavors.