The Philosophy of the Great Food

Great food

Healthy Eating

My philosophy of food and healthy eating has its roots in a balanced way of living. This means eating and leading my life in a sane way. Food is one of the greatest joy in life, but it can turn into our enemy if we lead an unhealthy life. Ingredients such as pasta, stews and burgers have their place in our diets; still, we should be aware that we need to keep our common sense and eat healthily. If we eat these ingredients from time to time, this should be alright. Eat a fresh salad, enjoy it, but do not eat a cake afterwards.

Knowing how to cook means that I can turn many fresh ingredients into meals which are cheapest and in season. Cooking this way will be cheaper and healthier. Therefore, you will find your balance if you use fresh ingredients to cook healthy dishes. For instance, sometimes I feel like making something light as well as fresh and sometimes something both warming and hearty. If I want to snack between meals, I eat something healthy rather than chocolate and potato crisps. When I refer to having a healthy approach to food, it means that I keep a balance as far as food is concerned.

Food Recipes

You will find many recipes on the Internet about how to eat healthily. Unfortunately, a lot of them are approximate recipes, and often copied and wrongly recopied. How many times did you implement a recipe without ever succeeding it? How many times did you buy a book of 300 recipes for less than five Euros without any illustration on the way to proceed?  From now on, I suggest at this point, that you should amaze your friends, your family by preparing healthy dishes for their Sunday meals.

Moreover, my cuisine is influenced by certain ideals. My healthy way of leaving implies low fat and gluten free ingredients. Sometimes I reduce meat for health reason. This does not mean that I reduce meat totally. I also eat many salads, but it does not mean that I eat only salads. This way you will have some balance. Even sweets can be eaten from time to time.

You should also know that food is a mirror. There is a saying that states that ‘we are what we eat’. Food is an art contributing to a practical purpose which is nourishment. Food has a short life as well when compared to marble for instance. It also relies on its material constitution. Some other arts such as literature, sculpture, painting and music are not at all material and enjoy our mind and soul. All in all, food can be consider an art which contributes to the harmonious growth of our body.