What it means to be A Chef

ChefsLet me present myself. I am Tom and my work speaks for itself. I am a skilled person in my field of activity. I am in charge of food production in my restaurant. According to this description, you can call me a Chef. My duties are extremely diverse. I manage my kitchen and oversee my staff in order to plan menus, work out various dishes or manage raw material procurement.

Job as a Chef

My work as a chef is different from that of a cook. Sometimes the two terms chef and cook mean the same. However, both education and experience differ. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to become a chef. You should first work as an apprentice and learn the craft at a culinary academy and after that join an establishment. Sometimes you must spend some money to learn the trade. All in all, as a chef I spend long hours of work, doing my best to perform my job and please my clients. Being a chef is not an easy career but I have a strong passion for food and cooking.

There are some qualities that each chef should have when referring to this profession. A chef should have an absolute passion for both food and cooking, a food philosophy. As for me, I am fond of my profession. I have a total commitment to my job. I always work under pressure. I also have time management skills. I keep calm in difficult situations. My sense of business is at a higher level. I can also work as part of my team and mentor the others. I am able to take criticism if necessary and always please the client. I can create exquisite food and I am always up to date to the most recent trends in gastronomy.

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