The Importance of Table Decorations

dining-table-728723_1920If you want to have dinner in a pleasant ambiance, you will not rush to a nearby fast-food restaurant, with simple and uncomfortable tables. You will probably choose some place with an enjoyable atmosphere. That is why every good restaurant needs to take care about the decoration of the restaurant.

A pleasant atmosphere is important because it affects the mood of the people who are your guests. In this way, you show that you care about them, and you are here to be of service. Good service, it is the main task of one restaurant.

Given that the food is a main service that a restaurant offers, it is logical to begin the decoration story from the table decorations. For someone who is not in this matter, the decoration of the table may seem like a banal thing. As a former chief of the restaurant, I know how this can be a complex problem.

First, you need to choose the appropriate tablecloths. Sometimes it’s hard to find tablecloths of dimensions and colors that correspond to a particular event. Sometimes they might be too long or too short. I think it is helpful to have someone in your team who is responsible for the decoration- someone who can adapt, shorten or add some ornaments. For this, you need a good sewing machine like the ones you find on Sergerpro.

Such adjustments are not only required for tables. To add a special and solemn note, you need to have the appropriate covers for chairs or ornaments in the form of ribbons, bows and the like, depending on the event which is organized. If you want to stand out and be original on this point, then your imagination is the only limiting factor. No matter where you prepare your event, if you need to make quick modifications, it is best to have a portable and compact sewing machine like this one.

Setting up tables for various occasions is almost the entire doctrine. What goes without saying is that the table must have a neatly ordered cutlery, as well as an additional decoration in the form of candles or flowers. Here you can indulge your imagination and add interesting and unusual details. They can actually make the atmosphere among the people closer, and give a reason for first contact and something to talk about.

The most important is that decorations are in accordance with events. Having said that, I think that you will not set New Year’s ikebana if you organize a birthday party. Secondly, but no less important, is the rule that the decoration should not be too high and that participants at the table can see each other and communicate.

The decoration of the table necessarily includes napkins. You can choose them by color and arrange in an interesting way. However, they are not just decoration – they are necessary as much as cutlery.

The decoration of the table is important, but it is not the only thing needed for a pleasant atmosphere. The experience should be complemented by appropriate music and lighting. All that is necessary to please your guests and to provide unforgettable service, because of which they will ,sooner or later, come back again!

Best Snacks for People On The Move

wanderer-455338_1920My experience, work with people and a large number of contacts put me in different situations and the allowed me to attend various events. One of those that left an impression on me is the competition in downhill longboarding.

From my point of view, it takes a lot of concentration, practice and control over your body and over the longboard to succeed in this. Did I mention the courage? The fact is that such events are not always in your neighborhood, and that participation means going on a trip.

I would like to take this opportunity to look back at snacks intended for people on the move, especially those people who want to eat a healthy snack.

When you start to ride a longboard is best to get a cheap one, that will well serve you to master the basics, and see whether is this activity good for you at all. A good review of cheap longboards can ease your choice, and I found one here.

When you’re on the go, the last thing you need is a snack that is melted, crushed, broken. Driving a longboard is not simple and requires a lot of energy. Therefore, you should bring with you a healthy snack. Here are a few suggestions that are great when you’re on the move.

Dark chocolate

Whether you drive a cheap longboard, or your skills are at the level that you can deal with an electric longboard, running down the hill you will make you tired. If nothing else, you’ll want to recover from the adrenaline rush and reward yourself with something sweet. Dark chocolate is a great choice for a healthy heart and is an ideal choice for combination with other snacks.

Dried fruit

Fruit refreshes, but you have to admit that it can make a real mess sometimes. It can be squashed during the trip, and to create an additional problem. Therefore, the dried fruits it is a better choice. Make a healthy mix of dried fruits and take it instead of fresh.

Mixed nuts

Another dry and fun alternative suitable for people on the move is making mixed nuts. Oh, do not worry, you do not need to be a skilled chef. Just insert in the bag a bit of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts … To make your mix tastier, you can add pieces of dried fruit or dark chocolate and make a super-power mix.


There are many ways to make muffins. When you’re on the go, the best is the one that does not have a lot of fillings, which may leak and made a mess. Muffins are practical because they are small, almost bite-sized and easy to carry, packaging and consumption.

Nutrition bars

As there are a great number of muffins that you can make, you can also get a great number of bars. However, if you really want a healthy option, then it is necessary to read the ingredients carefully. I personally think that the best option is to make your own bars without a lot of sugar and calories.

As well as longboard choice, a choice of snacks is up to you. For those who live in the speed, the best is the one that provides quick refreshment and instant satisfaction.

Proper Nutrition as an Important Motivator for Exercising

cook-366875_1920I’m not a professional athlete, but I like to lead a healthy and active life. I often spend my free time in the gym. Many times I have experienced inflammation and strange flickering in the muscles after a workout.

Maybe I’m not professional in a building muscle through strenuous workouts, but it is not the only requirement to build muscles. Proper nutrition is very important too, and this is a field in which I am a professional.

Well, what should eat someone who lifts weights?

Many people go to the gym to lose weight. What often can discourage them is the fact that the training can be very exhausting. At the same time, they reduce food intake in a wrong way, so they do not have enough power for lifting weights. And motivation dries up very quickly.

I think that investing in a home gym is a great way to stay motivated. You do not have to leave home and to share the gym with other people. I don’t about you, but when I buy something, I use it. I found everything I need to install power racks at home on this site

Weight lifting is stress for the muscles. To persist in practice, it is important to be disciplined. So, make a schedule that will be followed when it comes to food and exercise. To respect the schedule, it is best to set these power racks in your garage, basement or another part of your house where you will practice. For the diet, follow a few rules:

  • Do not skip breakfast. Make a weekly plan for breakfast or eat without a plan, but do not underestimate the importance of this meal. It will give you energy for the shortage of the day. You can start the day with some tasty omelet, smoothie or cereals.
  • Eat every three hours. Yes, even though you have decided to reduce the amount of food that you consume. The best way to not be hungry and to prevent overeating or undernourishment is to eat more meals but in smaller quantities.
  • Eat proteins. Proteins are very important for building muscle and essential if you plan to burn fat and build muscle mass. So, what to eat? You can start the day with eggs, eat some red meat for lunch, have some dairy products for the dinner. Also, good sources of protein are fish and poultry.
  • Do not skip fruits and vegetables. Yes, the proteins are important, but also vitamins and fibers. Therefore, you should include fruit snacks, or add some vegetables to the meat that you have prepared for lunch. For instance, make a baked potato that will be a source of carbohydrates with a dark chicken meat because it is a source of iron and hemoglobin which brings oxygen to the muscles.
  • Eat carbohydrates. Many people will blame the excessive consumption of carbohydrates for their overweight. That does not mean you should completely remove them. Restrict them. For example, eat them after a hard workout. Carbohydrates are not just sweets. These are also the bread, rice, pastas, potatoes. Choose whole- grain varieties, and avoid white.


Proper diet will provide enough energy to exercise and to shorten the time to results. So you will long remain motivated and persist in exercising.

How Music Affects Our Appetite

How Music Affects Our AppetiteYou do not have to be a chef of the restaurant to know that you need a music for a pleasant atmosphere. Really, who can enjoy the sound of banging with cutlery, munching and hum of conversation? In fact, although there is no music in such an atmosphere, people are commonly described it as loud and unpleasant. But did you know that music can affect your appetite?

There are numerous studies that have dealt with this theme. One study, that was carried out on 78 students of one college, has shown that we tend to eat more when we listen to music. Students have followed their habits during meals within 7 days. This may not be a statistically significant period of time, but it was enough to show this kind of regularity. And it is quite logical, isn’t it?

Other studies have shown that music can affect the taste of the food that we eat. So, certain tones can highlight a sweet taste of chocolate, while others may emphasize its bitterness. Many factors, that are not in the sense of taste, affect the taste of the food – there is the appearance of the food, and above all its smell. However, according to some research, music can also make a food tastier. The quiet classical music, ranging from 62-67 decibels, is the best spice for your dinner. Often, restaurants have some live music, usually on the piano. The real piano takes up a lot of space in the restaurant and digital pianos are an adequate replacement. Just look at these digital pianos: Not only that they easily fit into the interior, but they allow playing other tones and can offer a complete musical experience.

The rhythm of the music may affect the speed at which you consume food. The faster the rhythm of the music, the faster the pace at which you eat. It is not the unknown fact  to the chefs and owners of restaurants. So, you will generally be able to hear the joyful and fast music at fast-food restaurants that will dictate you to eat quickly and even to eat more, before the brain gets a signal that you ate. It is not the only trick that fast-food restaurants use to make you eat more and faster. There are also chairs, which are uncomfortable and located in the middle of the restaurant. So, you actually eat surrounded by noise and chaos. In addition, in front of you are often tempting menus and decorations in red and orange – colors that stimulate the appetite.

How will look your meal depends on what you want to achieve with it. If you want to quench your hunger, you will not take care a lot about the conditions in which you eat. You will stop in for a meal that is quick, without long and pleasant chat in society. But if you need to leave a good impression on someone, if you want to enjoy in someone’s company and the tasty food, then you will choose a quieter place. Finally, here is a reason to consider which music you will play when you eat. For example, if you want to lose weight, maybe is the best to slow down the pace and choose the one that does not stimulate appetite.

Lighting The Way

led lights close upI’ve been to many different places during my long and successful life as a master chef. Being more independent and self-catering these days, I travel a lot more, meeting new people and seeing new landscapes and towns.

Even outside of Bristol, some of these places can be difficult to reach. Also, I am often out a lot longer than originally planned. Travelling by road, even off-road sometimes is part of the joys and pains of being a celebrity chef.

Peace of mind

It gives me great joy, a quiet sense of satisfaction and peace of mind to see the positive reactions on the faces of folks who experience my dishes for the first time. A sense of awe and wonder also prevails. This is nothing unusual. After all, most of my dishes, innovative and sometimes thoroughly original, are designed to instill inspiration other than the usual satisfaction it give people’s taste buds. Driving long distances has its advantages in the sense that I am also inspired. But I wanted to experience that same peace of mind and confidence I usually experience when within the walls of my designer kitchen.

For one thing, the bright lights of my kitchen continue to shine while I am busy. Similarly, I wanted heavy-duty cab lights to brighten my path. Out late at night, the country roads ahead are often quite dark for me to see my way clearly. To this end, I decided to give LED light bar sources a try.

LED features

I’ve narrowed my search for a powerful light source to light my way at night. It has come down to two choices. Like most brilliant creative’s, I am sometimes prone to procrastination. Perhaps you’d like to help me decide which light bar to choose. Here is some information on the light bars I found to help you if you are interested.

Most light bars are primarily designed to be fitted to emergency service vehicles such as ambulances and police squad cars. Increased visibility for both driver and the public entails placing the lights in strategic areas of the vehicle, such as the front grill, the back bumper and, in the case of emergency vehicles, on the vehicle’s roof. The Edge Series light bars that I discovered is fitted with flash patterns (depending on light) and traffic advisor patterns.

Liberty Series LED light bars, on the other hand, seem to offer better energy savings. It is smaller than the Edge series and has an aluminum-top shield that protects the light bar from the elements and also directs heat away from the light’s internal components.

Feeling safe

Perhaps most importantly, this Liberty series light source is fitted with a heat sink which extends the life of the light bar. I will feel a lot safer and also save on energy once I’ve made my decision. It would be great if you could let me know what you think.

What it means to be A Chef

ChefsLet me present myself. I am Tom and my work speaks for itself. I am a skilled person in my field of activity. I am in charge of food production in my restaurant. According to this description, you can call me a Chef. My duties are extremely diverse. I manage my kitchen and oversee my staff in order to plan menus, work out various dishes or manage raw material procurement.

Job as a Chef

My work as a chef is different from that of a cook. Sometimes the two terms chef and cook mean the same. However, both education and experience differ. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to become a chef. You should first work as an apprentice and learn the craft at a culinary academy and after that join an establishment. Sometimes you must spend some money to learn the trade. All in all, as a chef I spend long hours of work, doing my best to perform my job and please my clients. Being a chef is not an easy career but I have a strong passion for food and cooking.

There are some qualities that each chef should have when referring to this profession. A chef should have an absolute passion for both food and cooking, a food philosophy. As for me, I am fond of my profession. I have a total commitment to my job. I always work under pressure. I also have time management skills. I keep calm in difficult situations. My sense of business is at a higher level. I can also work as part of my team and mentor the others. I am able to take criticism if necessary and always please the client. I can create exquisite food and I am always up to date to the most recent trends in gastronomy.

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The Philosophy of the Great Food

Great food

Healthy Eating

My philosophy of food and healthy eating has its roots in a balanced way of living. This means eating and leading my life in a sane way. Food is one of the greatest joy in life, but it can turn into our enemy if we lead an unhealthy life. Ingredients such as pasta, stews and burgers have their place in our diets; still, we should be aware that we need to keep our common sense and eat healthily. If we eat these ingredients from time to time, this should be alright. Eat a fresh salad, enjoy it, but do not eat a cake afterwards.

Knowing how to cook means that I can turn many fresh ingredients into meals which are cheapest and in season. Cooking this way will be cheaper and healthier. Therefore, you will find your balance if you use fresh ingredients to cook healthy dishes. For instance, sometimes I feel like making something light as well as fresh and sometimes something both warming and hearty. If I want to snack between meals, I eat something healthy rather than chocolate and potato crisps. When I refer to having a healthy approach to food, it means that I keep a balance as far as food is concerned.

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My Top 3 Favorite Classic British Recipes

Yorkshire_PuddingI am fond of British classic dishes. For instance, if you are looking for ideas for a Sunday roast, you could try  Yorkshire pudding recipe my up to date recipe:

Put together flour, salt, eggs, milk as well as nutmeg in order to form a batter. It should rest for almost an hour.
The ingredients are the following:

  • 175g of strong bread flour
  • 4 eggs
  • salt
  • 1 pinch of ground nutmeg
  • 300 ml of full-fat milk

You should heat a nonstick Yorkshire pudding tray with fat and then place it in the oven at 200°C/Gas mark 6 till the fat is smoking.

  • 1 dollop of lard

Pour in the batter and after that cook for approx. 20-25 minutes until it is well risen. You should serve it immediately as accompaniment to some traditional roast.

There is no Sunday lunch without pudding. Therefore, the British desserts should be by all means cooked and served on Sunday. Here is a recipe for the Shortbread Biscuits.

Preheat the oven to 160°C/gas mark 3.

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