Nutrition in The Style of Bruce Lee

kick-185384_1280When we mention the name of Bruce Lee, nobody thinks about the nutrition. His name is associated with remarkable martial arts skills and movies. However, to achieve such fantastic results, to have enough energy, strength and body full of muscles without a lot of parts that are shaking as they are made of gelatin, he had to take care of his diet. Let me remind you – the sumo wrestling is a martial art too, but fighters do not look nearly as Bruce Lee.

The Bruce Lee diet is based on the eastern cuisine. It is part of his origin, from where probably stemmed and his love for martial arts. Of course, martial arts have their other roots, such as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you deal with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bruce Lee advices can be useful too. For the success and progress in this sport, you need Gi like these and the following nutrition rules:

Avoid refined flour. Although many of us think that the bread and biscuits are a source of carbohydrates, realistically there is a better choice. Many of us cannot imagine a meal without a bread. Bruce Lee avoided these food because he felt that the white, refined flour does not have anything that would be useful to the body – only empty, useless calories. And when it is useless, it is not something you should have on your plate. Instead of bread, as a source of carbohydrate, he used rice and pasta.

Eat the “real” foods. This may be the attitude with which I, as a professional chef, must agree. If there is something I despise, that are those ready and semi-ready meals, that are more a poison than food. That’s why I chose to deal with food in my life. Under the “real” food, we talk about fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, and not on their products. In other words, learn to cook!

Drink tea and protein drinks. Tea is full of antioxidants, and it strengthening the immune system and help the body in a natural way. It is a part of Chinese tradition. Regarding the tradition or not, the Bruce Lee was drinking tea every day, often sweetened with honey. Honey and bee products have often been part of his diet. As an energy drink, he drank royal honey and ginseng. Bee Propolis is one of the supplements he was taking, in addition to vitamins C and E and other supplements.

apple-2391_1280Eat smaller meals more often. Well, this is probably the key rule of any healthy diet, even the one that has consumed this great fighter. This way of eating allows you to constantly be satiated. Having a steady schedule and eat always at the same time, helps a lot to bring your metabolism in order. Respect some rhythm and it’s going to work like a clockwork. Irregular meals and overeating lead to accumulation of fat and cravings for junk food and sweets that will quickly raise the level of sugar in your blood.

Bruce Lee avoided milk products. Not because he thought they are unhealthy, but simply because they did not like them. This is an item that I would personally skip in his diet. Proteins and calcium, which can be obtained from dairy products, are important for strong muscles and strong bones. And you need them, if you want to be successful in martial arts.