Lighting The Way

led lights close upI’ve been to many different places during my long and successful life as a master chef. Being more independent and self-catering these days, I travel a lot more, meeting new people and seeing new landscapes and towns.

Even outside of Bristol, some of these places can be difficult to reach. Also, I am often out a lot longer than originally planned. Travelling by road, even off-road sometimes is part of the joys and pains of being a celebrity chef.

Peace of mind

It gives me great joy, a quiet sense of satisfaction and peace of mind to see the positive reactions on the faces of folks who experience my dishes for the first time. A sense of awe and wonder also prevails. This is nothing unusual. After all, most of my dishes, innovative and sometimes thoroughly original, are designed to instill inspiration other than the usual satisfaction it give people’s taste buds. Driving long distances has its advantages in the sense that I am also inspired. But I wanted to experience that same peace of mind and confidence I usually experience when within the walls of my designer kitchen.

For one thing, the bright lights of my kitchen continue to shine while I am busy. Similarly, I wanted heavy-duty cab lights to brighten my path. Out late at night, the country roads ahead are often quite dark for me to see my way clearly. To this end, I decided to give LED light bar sources a try.

LED features

I’ve narrowed my search for a powerful light source to light my way at night. It has come down to two choices. Like most brilliant creative’s, I am sometimes prone to procrastination. Perhaps you’d like to help me decide which light bar to choose. Here is some information on the light bars I found to help you if you are interested.

Most light bars are primarily designed to be fitted to emergency service vehicles such as ambulances and police squad cars. Increased visibility for both driver and the public entails placing the lights in strategic areas of the vehicle, such as the front grill, the back bumper and, in the case of emergency vehicles, on the vehicle’s roof. The Edge Series light bars that I discovered is fitted with flash patterns (depending on light) and traffic advisor patterns.

Liberty Series LED light bars, on the other hand, seem to offer better energy savings. It is smaller than the Edge series and has an aluminum-top shield that protects the light bar from the elements and also directs heat away from the light’s internal components.

Feeling safe

Perhaps most importantly, this Liberty series light source is fitted with a heat sink which extends the life of the light bar. I will feel a lot safer and also save on energy once I’ve made my decision. It would be great if you could let me know what you think.