Learning to Live Your Life By Yourself

man-945438_960_720After I left my job, it seemed like everything ended then and there. I used to sit and do nothing being pushed into a sense of stupor. It was natural after having worked busily as a senior chef with not a minute to spare. However, I somehow managed to get out of my stunned state and I now have various busy activities lined up.

I am writing a recipe book for kids, involving myself in the local club activities, and I am thinking of starting a catering school of my own. Life is suddenly beautiful and full of possibilities. Mind you, I took some time to get to this state, but it was worth it. Here are some things that you can try out, if you find you are by yourself and have time on your hands.

Catch up on lost time

When you are busy working, you will not have time for watching your favorite show on TV. But when you have time to while away, grab the remote and find out the timings of your favorite show and start watching it without interruptions for a change! I used to love all those reality shows, especially the ones that select the best singer in the country. I like singing and go to karaoke parties occasionally with my friends. One of my friends has an excellent quality karaoke machine, which we use whenever we have a get together.

Sip a cuppa!

Take your tablet or book and go to the coffee shop nearby. A coffee shop is the right place to meet with people. Don’t be obvious about it. Be casual instead of looking desperate about it.  Strike a conversation asking about easy enough things like the best drink at the café or if you have your tablet, how to connect to wi-fi in the place or the most easy thing being the weather. Who knows you may meet your best friend for life this way. So, why not try this!

Go on a long drive

You don’t require a destination for taking a drive. Just hop into your vehicle, put on your favorite music, and sing along as you enjoy the drive. I remember during my student days when I went on bike rides with my friends. We used to have a great time. Even then we had some sort of karaoke sing along parties. Now there are advanced machines like at KARAOKEISLE, which is quite awesome. I would readily recommend it for those who like to have karaoke parties now.

Fitness freak

adventure-925049_960_720With work keeping you away from the gym, this is the best time to become fit as a fiddle. You can take up the fitness routine you like. Yoga, spinning, pilates, dancing, aerobics…take your pick. You can even find a friend in the aerobics or yoga sessions you sign up for. Being healthy is in itself a state of bliss that leads on to many other good things.

Even doing your daily routine in a relaxed manner, savoring the experience fully will make you realize that being alive is truly a wonderful thing, which we tend to forget in our rush to earn money and fame. So, remember that every minute of your life is precious and to be lived fully.