Food For a Better Concentration

Did you notice that you are not focused on the work that you do? Maybe you justify that with fatigue, and perhaps too much work causes poor diet, which badly affects the functioning of the brain. We should not forget that food is our fuel – from it, we draw the energy that moves us to work hard and think.

When you pour the bad fuel into the car, it does not work properly. It is the same with us. Therefore, for good concentration and focus you need a right food.

The reason I am writing about this is one my recent experience with archery. A friend of mine took me to one companionship and competition of archers. There I met many people and saw that there exist a big number of different bows and arrows. I never thought about how many things should be kept in mind when you buying a bow. Fortunately, Archery Boot Camp has all this concisely explained in one place.

I realized that the choice of equipment is not easy, and I find out how much concentration is needed to hit the target. Of course, this made me think about what food is best for shooters and better concentration. Shooters have their favorite weapon like this one: I have a favorite food for concentration.

Blueberries. They are known as fruits full of antioxidants. It is amazing how many good qualities stall in such a small piece of fruit. They boost blood circulation, stimulate the brain function and allow that it works its job better  – to focus when it is necessary.

Cauliflower. I have read somewhere that the food looks like part of the body for which is particularly useful. Well, you must admit that cauliflower with its appearance reminds on the brain. And really, it is good for better concentration. Consumption of cauliflower in the body creates citicoline. It is believed that citicoline promotes the work the part of the brain responsible for the focus.

Walnuts. Like a cauliflower, walnuts in their own way remind on the brain. And yes, they are good for concentration. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that “lubricate” the work of our brain, enabling better concentration.

Rice’s bran is full of magnesium. Some studies in China have shown that foods rich in magnesium improve concentration and memory. Of course, you can always take a supplement. Still, like a real gourmand, I always try to find sources of health in food. Rice’s bran is my choice when it comes to magnesium.

Dark chocolate. Chocolates are often praised and criticized at the same time when it comes to their impact on our health. For my part, I vote for the dark chocolate as the source of better concentration. It contains a small dose of caffeine, which is always associated with wakefulness. It also contains the above-mentioned magnesium. Should I mention especially the feeling of satisfaction that provides consumption of chocolate and the benefits of such a sense of the whole body, not just for better concentration? I think I should not.

The ability to concentrate is a matter of practice. That does not mean that consumption of these foods will have instant consequences in a better focus and better results. As with the preparation of a tasty meal, the thing is in the right combination of ingredients – good equipment, hard training, and good food.