Common Philosophies Today

Common Philosophies TodayThe first philosophers had a much narrower view of the world than we do today. In the days of the Greek philosophers, people still believed that slavery was morally right and that women were less worthy than men. Most of that has changed today; although there are sects of people that believe men are better or that slavery is ok, most people agree on a few basic moral tenets. I want to talk about some philosophies that I’ve run into working as a chief. I meet all kinds of people, and hear all different views on life.


I run into this one a LOT with businessmen. Objectivism is the philosophy that Ayn Rand espoused in her book Atlas Shrugged. It states that emotions mean nothing, and only facts matter in life. It further talks about men and women known as “prime movers,” who are the engines of the machine of capitalism. Unregulated, anarcho-capitalism is seen as the best way to run an economic system. Everyone who wants money from a prime mover without doing the work is a “parasite” to society. This philosophy is very controversial; many modern philosophers debate if objectivism even IS a real philosophy. But its impact on American society cannot be denied.


Feminism has gained a lot of traction since the 1920s. In the 20s, women in America protested for voting rights. In the 60s and 70s women struggled for an equal place in work and home life. 3rd wave feminism is much less centralized around ideas, but the basic wants of the movement include reproductive rights and equality for non-white women. There are many that seek to normalize women’s issues, such as periods and breastfeeding. is one of the sites that helps women deal with women’s issues on a day-to-day basis. Most women agree that feminism seeks to give women the same treatment as men, and all the rights that go with that.


Nihilism can be seen as a philosophy, or it can be seen as a total LACK of philosophy. Nihilism is the thought that nothing matters in life, and that there is nothing we can do in life that will matter in the long term. Friedrich Nietzsche is the most popular nihilist philosopher. Nihilism is very popular among atheists and agnostics, who believe that because religion is not true that an afterlife cannot be true either. It’s hard to believe that life matters very much if you don’t believe in something after death. Nihilism can even be seen in the popular adult cartoon “Rick and Morty;” Rick doesn’t believe there is a God and that nothing matters once you’re dead.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, stick to them! It’s better to believe in something in life. Life your life by principles; I try to be a principled person at my job. No matter what you do, do it the best that you can! No matter what you believe, we can all agree on that.