Well, Blow Me Down!

When I was young and still lived at home, my mother did all the cooking. Even now, I am married with kids, if I visit my mum, she insists on cooking. Who am I to complain? She cooks excellent meals and there’s nothing like a bit of a trip down memory lane when it comes to gastronomic delights.

When I entered the real world of marriage and kids, I still didn’t know how to cook. The trouble was, my new wife was not an expert in the culinary arts either so the meals we had in the first few months of marriage were fulfilling enough but rather mediocre. I was busy working to actually spend any time cooking and my spare time outside of work was spent trying to get a performing band together. I could play the guitar and sing, and two old schoolmates both played the guitar, one lead the other bass. We needed a drummer at least. We could all do vocals.

We practised in one of our garages which we had soundproofed as well as filled with an amazing amount of electronic stuff. We advertised for musicians in the local paper. I took a phone call a few days after our advert from a guy who was keen on joining the band. I told him to come to the garage on our practice evening and he could meet the guys and we could check him out. No problem he said.

On a Thursday afternoon, this guy turns up. We exchange greetings and lots of hellos after which I asked him where his instrument was, expecting him to go and get a guitar from his car. He produces this little leather case out of which he pulls a trumpet-like thing. It’s not what I imagined a trumpet looked like but hey! I only ever knew one trumpet player in my life – Louis Armstrong.

I said what the hell is that thing? He said it’s called a pocket trumpet. We all said we had never seen anything like it. Peter ( that was his name), said he had actually learnt to play as a kid on a regular trumpet but one day, after looking to replace the 15-year-old trumpet he had owned, he checked out a website called https://windysounds.com/ and came across some information about these smaller styles. After trying one to make sure the sound was as good a quality as a standard instrument he decided to buy one. Peter said they sound great and a little easier to cart around. Slightly more portable they are, he said.

So we added a pocket trumpet player to our band because he was not only good but the different sound of a trumpet added some variety to our standard music. The band didn’t really move into the upper echelons of the music business and after it had folded, I made some better efforts to learn how to cook. All I can say is that my cooking ability these days is appreciated far more than my band ever was.

How Music Affects Our Appetite

How Music Affects Our AppetiteYou do not have to be a chef of the restaurant to know that you need a music for a pleasant atmosphere. Really, who can enjoy the sound of banging with cutlery, munching and hum of conversation? In fact, although there is no music in such an atmosphere, people are commonly described it as loud and unpleasant. But did you know that music can affect your appetite?

There are numerous studies that have dealt with this theme. One study, that was carried out on 78 students of one college, has shown that we tend to eat more when we listen to music. Students have followed their habits during meals within 7 days. This may not be a statistically significant period of time, but it was enough to show this kind of regularity. And it is quite logical, isn’t it?

Other studies have shown that music can affect the taste of the food that we eat. So, certain tones can highlight a sweet taste of chocolate, while others may emphasize its bitterness. Many factors, that are not in the sense of taste, affect the taste of the food – there is the appearance of the food, and above all its smell. However, according to some research, music can also make a food tastier. The quiet classical music, ranging from 62-67 decibels, is the best spice for your dinner. Often, restaurants have some live music, usually on the piano. The real piano takes up a lot of space in the restaurant and digital pianos are an adequate replacement. Just look at these digital pianos: https://soundingkeys.com/best-digital-piano-reviews/ Not only that they easily fit into the interior, but they allow playing other tones and can offer a complete musical experience.

The rhythm of the music may affect the speed at which you consume food. The faster the rhythm of the music, the faster the pace at which you eat. It is not the unknown fact  to the chefs and owners of restaurants. So, you will generally be able to hear the joyful and fast music at fast-food restaurants that will dictate you to eat quickly and even to eat more, before the brain gets a signal that you ate. It is not the only trick that fast-food restaurants use to make you eat more and faster. There are also chairs, which are uncomfortable and located in the middle of the restaurant. So, you actually eat surrounded by noise and chaos. In addition, in front of you are often tempting menus and decorations in red and orange – colors that stimulate the appetite.

How will look your meal depends on what you want to achieve with it. If you want to quench your hunger, you will not take care a lot about the conditions in which you eat. You will stop in for a meal that is quick, without long and pleasant chat in society. But if you need to leave a good impression on someone, if you want to enjoy in someone’s company and the tasty food, then you will choose a quieter place. Finally, here is a reason to consider which music you will play when you eat. For example, if you want to lose weight, maybe is the best to slow down the pace and choose the one that does not stimulate appetite.