Beware of the rising mercury levels

Beware of the rising mercury levels

In an earlier post, we spoke about the intricacies and ramifications thereof of preparing fish for dinners. No chef worth his salt, and apparently Mr. Ramsey seems to have plenty of it, can truly say he’s a chef until he is able to prepare the perfect grilled fish or delicately balanced sea food curry. Here in Bristol, English chefs by the way are not immune to this long-lasting tradition, most city dwellers could be forgiven for believing that they were buying the much healthier alternative to what most Americans refer to as burgers and fries or just plain take-outs in any form. And the old English tradition, especially on Fridays or after a football match, watching Bristol City or Bristol Rovers lose again, is the purposeful buying of your old fish and chips parcel.

Fish is still good for you but

All these years we were, quite rightly, led to believe that a good old kipper or haddock was good for us. This much is true, and that goes for most other preferred oceanic species from around the world in accordance with the regions’ cultural traditions. Until quite recently.

We now know that we have to be extremely cautious about sourcing fish from the oceans, mainly due to the dangerously high levels of poisonous mercury in those fish. Previously, natural mercury levels were all at acceptable and safe levels. But today’s fish, what’s left of them anyway, have levels brought on by humankind’s propensity to heavily pollute the oceans.

Fortunately, there’s a way around all of this. As a self-starting and indigenous cook and fisherman, you could begin by sourcing an aptly crafted kayak, such as those listed on this website here. Now, most safe species of fish are found in inland rivers, particularly those that have been preserved well. Those that are heavily polluted lost all the fish they were holding after they completely ran out of oxygen.

Check for yourself that it is line fish

A good kayak is a sustainable craft, deliberately designed and manufactured for white rivers and deep enough streams ideal for capturing the perfect line of fresh salmon. But those of you, who still prefer your line fish from the ocean, well, make sure that it is just that. Check thrice with your restaurateur about this, and if preparing something at home, make sure you’ve been down to the docks yourself and seen to it that the old sea salts themselves have properly tended to the cleaning of the fish themselves.

The cleaner the better, as they say. Although, it must be said that you’re not going to be able to do much about those mercury levels. Nevertheless, there’s yet another way around this.

No matter where in the world you are, unfortunately for both good and bad reasons, fish has become frightfully expensive. All you need to do here is simply reduce your normal intake of fish to say, once or twice a month.

The burden of responsibility lies on you take care of all

cooking-113411_960_720Hello, my name’s Tom. I’m the ex-head chef of Jack’s Brasserie Restaurant, located in Bristol, Great Britain. As you can tell, my website pays homage to this business, and today, I’m an avid food and recipe writer. All stories posted here are related to my world as a food fundi and my personal philosophies on life. Seeing as it is a new year, I’d thought I’d re-introduce myself here today. I know that there are many readers out there who have dusted off their New Year’s resolutions and, nearing the end of the first month of 2016, they are still proceeding apace.

When it gets hot in the kitchen, stay in it

Congratulations to all of you who have made it this far. Keep it up and do not lose hope, particularly when the going starts to get tough. Chances are that this year may well be a tougher year than the previous one. But it does not need to be unbearable, particularly if you stay resolute in keeping your new years promises and stick to your plan of action. Whether it’s business or personal (even both), make sure that plan you’ve drafted is a realistic one.

LED LIGHTS PLANET holds true to realistic expectations. Their ethos is tailored around a promotional vibe and keeping things safe. It is also all about being responsible. It mirrors the philosophy of always retaining your own burden of responsibility, not just for yourself but especially for those entrusted in your care. A family man, you need to plan ahead to ensure that your growing children are well-provided for and kept safe in their present environment.

Running your own business encompasses a huge array of responsibilities if you want to ensure that not only does it thrive, it survives too.

Look after your kitchen staff

I mentioned earlier that this year would potentially be a tough one. You need to take care of all financial eventualities, anything that can harmfully impact the day to day running of your business. And in this frame, you dare not exclude your customer base or your staff. Allow me to conclude today’s post by staying focused on our mutual staff’s well-being.

The most challenging aspect for you, as a small business owner, may be the wage bill. If there was previously no budget for this, staff not only deserve it, they do need an annual increase. Do not take it for granted that you can plead poverty and simply wring your hands and say sorry. No matter how hard the business and job environment is these days, remember that the days of successfully holding on to loyal staff who have been through thick and thin with you are now long gone.

Also make sure that their working hours are reasonable. If it is necessary that extra hours have to be worked, please pay them for those too. And, as a business leader, make sure that you also pitch in to help in the kitchen. It is part of your burden of responsibility.

3 Effortless Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

3 Effortless Tips to Keep Your Kitchen CleanI am really addicted to cleanliness in my kitchen. In my opinion, sanitation should be one of the basic principles of a successful chef. Even if you prepare your dishes from fresh products, you can easily cause your customers to suffer from food poisoning due to a messy kitchen. I never start making food or processing any ingredients if the area is not clean.

But it is not only the area for food production that has to be clean.  I try to provide overall sanitation from the moment the products are delivered till my customers get their meals. At every stage, I strive to be as clean as possible. Here are some sanitation tips from me:

  • Clean storage for products.

If you keep your products in the fridge, for example, make sure it is regularly washed with a disinfecting washing agent to avoid things like mildew, putridity, or other bacteria which can spoil fresh products or add an unwanted smell to them. While cleaning the refrigerator, be sure to take out all the shelves, drawers, or other removable items and clean them separately. Every so often, I recommend checking your fridge for aged and inedible foods to prevent the distribution of mold.

  • Clean the food production area.

Everything in your kitchen must be visually clean and tidy. You shouldn’t leave unused raw materials lying around. Be sure to return them to the storage place as soon as possible. The unused equipment should be washed and put in its storage place. Do not use one type of equipment for different types of food without first cleaning it. I always try to throw away any waste right away so it doesn’t build up in the food preparation area. There should be nothing lying on the floor as well. You should also remember to keep raw and cooked products separate as well as isolate the dry ingredients. It is important to regularly clean all kitchen areas and equipment. I cannot suggest how often you should do it, but my best tip would be – as often as possible.

  • Maintain personal hygiene.

I don’t need to enter your kitchen to understand whether it is clean or not. It would be enough to take a glance at your appearance. Your clothes, your hair, and your hands will tell the whole story. First of all, you need to take care of your hands. Apart from regular washing, you need to take care of your nails, as most bacteria gather under them. I for one, have a personal manicurist taking care of my nails. This is a very responsible job requiring special techniques and experience. Over at Nail Technician Schools, you can find out more details about this profession. Pay attention to your hair too. Use headgear at all times to prevent hair from falling onto the production areas. Finally, keep your clothes tidy and change them whenever they become dirty. For this reason, I recommend having a spare set handy.

If you really want to become a good chef, my advice is to take sanitation seriously. These days, there are a number of rules and regulations set up by the governing bodies for food production. With a messy kitchen, you may even end up in jail. So, beware!

Lighting The Way

led lights close upI’ve been to many different places during my long and successful life as a master chef. Being more independent and self-catering these days, I travel a lot more, meeting new people and seeing new landscapes and towns.

Even outside of Bristol, some of these places can be difficult to reach. Also, I am often out a lot longer than originally planned. Travelling by road, even off-road sometimes is part of the joys and pains of being a celebrity chef.

Peace of mind

It gives me great joy, a quiet sense of satisfaction and peace of mind to see the positive reactions on the faces of folks who experience my dishes for the first time. A sense of awe and wonder also prevails. This is nothing unusual. After all, most of my dishes, innovative and sometimes thoroughly original, are designed to instill inspiration other than the usual satisfaction it give people’s taste buds. Driving long distances has its advantages in the sense that I am also inspired. But I wanted to experience that same peace of mind and confidence I usually experience when within the walls of my designer kitchen.

For one thing, the bright lights of my kitchen continue to shine while I am busy. Similarly, I wanted heavy-duty cab lights to brighten my path. Out late at night, the country roads ahead are often quite dark for me to see my way clearly. To this end, I decided to give LED light bar sources a try.

LED features

I’ve narrowed my search for a powerful light source to light my way at night. It has come down to two choices. Like most brilliant creative’s, I am sometimes prone to procrastination. Perhaps you’d like to help me decide which light bar to choose. Here is some information on the light bars I found to help you if you are interested.

Most light bars are primarily designed to be fitted to emergency service vehicles such as ambulances and police squad cars. Increased visibility for both driver and the public entails placing the lights in strategic areas of the vehicle, such as the front grill, the back bumper and, in the case of emergency vehicles, on the vehicle’s roof. The Edge Series light bars that I discovered is fitted with flash patterns (depending on light) and traffic advisor patterns.

Liberty Series LED light bars, on the other hand, seem to offer better energy savings. It is smaller than the Edge series and has an aluminum-top shield that protects the light bar from the elements and also directs heat away from the light’s internal components.

Feeling safe

Perhaps most importantly, this Liberty series light source is fitted with a heat sink which extends the life of the light bar. I will feel a lot safer and also save on energy once I’ve made my decision. It would be great if you could let me know what you think.