Superfoods For Every Active Man’s Diet

It may sound cliché but we really are what we eat. If you live an active lifestyle or you are the type of guy who would hop onto a motorbike with your vintage motorcycle helmet and do a cross-country motorbike trip, then you need to fill your diet with superfoods. Sadly, not many men know about what foods are best for their diet.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to prepare the lunch for a motorbike club and it got me thinking about what great recipes I could include in their menu. I wanted to try something new for this gig – and I wanted impress these active, burly guys. I’ve done a quick research about what foods are best for active men and I’d like to share what I learned with you.

Here are some superfoods that can help you get leaner, stronger and healthier.

  1. Turkey Breast

An ounce of skinless turkey breast can give you up to seven grams of muscle-building protein. It is also high in zinc for improved virility, cancer-fighting selenium, and immunity boosting B-vitamins. A serving of turkey breast is beefed with amino acids but is very low in saturated fats. Aside from being very palatable, the meat is very versatile and can be used for almost any recipe. A 3-ounce serving is loaded with 72 calories.

  1. Quinoa

This exotic whole grain is loaded with calories (you get 318 calories per half cup). For most active men who hate whole grains, quinoa can be the best alternative with its light flavor which is perfect for different recipes. Compared with other grain, quinoa has the highest protein content plus a hefty dose of heart-healthy unsaturated fats. It is also a good source of B vitamins and fiber. There are a lot of great tasting quinoa recipes that any man can do.

  1. Milk

Most men would scorn drinking milk but it should be part of every active man’s diet. In fact, it is recommended that active men take up to three servings of dairy daily. Milk aids in the body’s fat-burning system and slows down the storage of unhealthy fat. And while you can take supplements, nothing beats the real thing. There are a lot of flavorful dairy products that you can add to your everyday diet.

  1. Soy

Soy is an abundant source of vitamins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you are not a fan of soy milk or tofu, there are other soy-containing products such as soy nuts and soy protein shakes. These products taste great and are ‘very masculine.’

  1. Beef

Beef is not only tasteful it’s also a rich source of zinc and iron which are essential in the body’s circulatory health. A serving of beef is loaded with more than 10% of your body’s daily requirement of protein, selenium, B-vitamins, riboflavin, phosphorus, and niacin. And the great news is that beef meat is said to be 20% leaner than they were before, which means you get little fat with each serving.

I guess, the motorbike club was so happy with my menu that they even gifted me with a helmet similar to those reviewed at Motorcyclist Life. Learning about different healthy foods is something I love about being a chef.