Variety in Grilled Foods That Kids Love to Eat

hamburger-895831_960_720Recently my niece complained that her son prefers only hot dogs, whenever she holds barbecue parties or gets invited to one. Seeing how controversial the hot dogs are with their constant risk of choking finding some other grilled item, her son hates sea food, was her immediate agenda. This problem is faced by all parents, as kids mostly go for the hot dogs, when they are faced with grilled foods. So here are some foods other than hot dogs that you can grill easily and get your kid to eat them with relish too.

Chicken lollipops

This is just like candy albeit a spicy one at that! No I’m just kidding. It is just a chicken leg or wing, you are going to grill which your child can hold easily while eating. You can even take the effort to trim the chicken, so they look like real lollipops. Although it is not necessary to do the trimming, I think it is best to remove the skin, so it is easy for a kid to eat it. I would recommend a good gas smoker for doing the grilling, as this tastes succulent and yummy only when grilled the right way.


This is easy to do. Take out chunks of whatever meat you are grilling and spear them in skewers along with cherry tomatoes and green and yellow bell peppers, if it is beef, and pineapple or peach, if it is pork. You can even let your kid choose the items to grill. Once grilling is over, remove the veggies and meat. Your kid is sure to love it.


This is a mini hamburger but cuter and perfect for your kid’s tiny hands. You can use turkey, pork, or beef, but make sure it is ground nicely. Use dinner rolls for buns. I recently bought an awesome smoker at Smokey Steak Ranch for my niece, as she holds barbecues often.  She was so happy with it she invited me to her next barbecue and did all the cooking herself. Usually she hands over the grilling to me. That surely shows how easy it is to grill with.


If you are completely vegan and want to steer clear of meat and dairy products tofu is the best alternative in grilled food items. You need to just marinate the tofu with soy sauce. Make sure you get tofu of extra firm consistency. Marinate it and while grilling baste the surface with marinade and grill for six minutes on either side.


This is a yummy grilled item kids love to eat. You need to just dribble vegetable or olive oil on the vegetables of your choice and grill them.  You can make the tortilla from corn or wheat and add the filling which can be cheese, vegetables or meat or a mixture of all these. Fold the tortilla over to form the shape of a half moon. It is not necessary to heat the tortillas separately. Grill the veggies, place them on the tortilla with grated cheese, and put the tortilla on the grill, until the cheese melts.

How Far Does the Food You Eat Travel?

How Far Does the Food You Eat TravelDid you know that the food you eat travels thousands of miles before they reach your plate?

As a master chef, I’ve always made sure that my dishes are made of fresh ingredients. And so it is important for me to know how foods get to my kitchen. I once tried to check how these ingredients get to my kitchen and was astonished at what I learned. From the farm to your plate, an average American meal travels almost 1,500 miles. Whatever happens in between this long trip is for you to guess.

Expectedly, tropical foodstuffs such chocolate, tea, coffee, bananas, and sugar are grown and shipped from other parts of the world. But nowadays, even vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other food products, that were once sourced locally, are being imported from other countries. This trend has become apparent because of the wide difference in the cost of imported and locally-grown food products. This is because some foodstuffs are more suited in certain parts of the globe and are thus mass-produced there.

While it could be economically sound, for us chefs, transporting foods at long distances puts a question mark on the safety and freshness of the foods. For example, fruits that have to be transported are usually picked unripe and once they reach the destination, they are gassed to “ripen” them. Similarly, vegetables are also sealed tightly and preservatives are used to avoid spoiling during the shipment. There are also vegetable and fruit varieties that have been genetically modified so they last longer and are less perishable.

Since I’m not sure what happens along the way, I see to it that the ingredients in the kitchen are grown locally. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, I prefer shopping from local farmers market. I actually have a neighbor who grows organic veggies at her backyard and I’m her regular customer. Inside her home, she has LED grow lights which she uses for growing delicate vegetables and herbs. I was actually planning to buy an LED grow light and have even checked Grow Lights Base (a review site for different LED grow lights). I haven’t found any stall that sells the freshest vegetables and herbs as my neighbor!

Buying foodstuffs from a local farmers market not only ensures that the foods you serve are fresh; it also supports your local food system. If you have a local farmers market, I really recommend shopping there. If you have a green thumb, it may even be best to start growing your own foods. This way, you are certain that the foods you serve your loved ones are healthy and fresh!

The Philosophy of the Great Food

Great food

Healthy Eating

My philosophy of food and healthy eating has its roots in a balanced way of living. This means eating and leading my life in a sane way. Food is one of the greatest joy in life, but it can turn into our enemy if we lead an unhealthy life. Ingredients such as pasta, stews and burgers have their place in our diets; still, we should be aware that we need to keep our common sense and eat healthily. If we eat these ingredients from time to time, this should be alright. Eat a fresh salad, enjoy it, but do not eat a cake afterwards.

Knowing how to cook means that I can turn many fresh ingredients into meals which are cheapest and in season. Cooking this way will be cheaper and healthier. Therefore, you will find your balance if you use fresh ingredients to cook healthy dishes. For instance, sometimes I feel like making something light as well as fresh and sometimes something both warming and hearty. If I want to snack between meals, I eat something healthy rather than chocolate and potato crisps. When I refer to having a healthy approach to food, it means that I keep a balance as far as food is concerned.

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