Beware of the rising mercury levels

Beware of the rising mercury levels

In an earlier post, we spoke about the intricacies and ramifications thereof of preparing fish for dinners. No chef worth his salt, and apparently Mr. Ramsey seems to have plenty of it, can truly say he’s a chef until he is able to prepare the perfect grilled fish or delicately balanced sea food curry. Here in Bristol, English chefs by the way are not immune to this long-lasting tradition, most city dwellers could be forgiven for believing that they were buying the much healthier alternative to what most Americans refer to as burgers and fries or just plain take-outs in any form. And the old English tradition, especially on Fridays or after a football match, watching Bristol City or Bristol Rovers lose again, is the purposeful buying of your old fish and chips parcel.

Fish is still good for you but

All these years we were, quite rightly, led to believe that a good old kipper or haddock was good for us. This much is true, and that goes for most other preferred oceanic species from around the world in accordance with the regions’ cultural traditions. Until quite recently.

We now know that we have to be extremely cautious about sourcing fish from the oceans, mainly due to the dangerously high levels of poisonous mercury in those fish. Previously, natural mercury levels were all at acceptable and safe levels. But today’s fish, what’s left of them anyway, have levels brought on by humankind’s propensity to heavily pollute the oceans.

Fortunately, there’s a way around all of this. As a self-starting and indigenous cook and fisherman, you could begin by sourcing an aptly crafted kayak, such as those listed on this website here. Now, most safe species of fish are found in inland rivers, particularly those that have been preserved well. Those that are heavily polluted lost all the fish they were holding after they completely ran out of oxygen.

Check for yourself that it is line fish

A good kayak is a sustainable craft, deliberately designed and manufactured for white rivers and deep enough streams ideal for capturing the perfect line of fresh salmon. But those of you, who still prefer your line fish from the ocean, well, make sure that it is just that. Check thrice with your restaurateur about this, and if preparing something at home, make sure you’ve been down to the docks yourself and seen to it that the old sea salts themselves have properly tended to the cleaning of the fish themselves.

The cleaner the better, as they say. Although, it must be said that you’re not going to be able to do much about those mercury levels. Nevertheless, there’s yet another way around this.

No matter where in the world you are, unfortunately for both good and bad reasons, fish has become frightfully expensive. All you need to do here is simply reduce your normal intake of fish to say, once or twice a month.