Variety in Grilled Foods That Kids Love to Eat

hamburger-895831_960_720Recently my niece complained that her son prefers only hot dogs, whenever she holds barbecue parties or gets invited to one. Seeing how controversial the hot dogs are with their constant risk of choking finding some other grilled item, her son hates sea food, was her immediate agenda. This problem is faced by all parents, as kids mostly go for the hot dogs, when they are faced with grilled foods. So here are some foods other than hot dogs that you can grill easily and get your kid to eat them with relish too.

Chicken lollipops

This is just like candy albeit a spicy one at that! No I’m just kidding. It is just a chicken leg or wing, you are going to grill which your child can hold easily while eating. You can even take the effort to trim the chicken, so they look like real lollipops. Although it is not necessary to do the trimming, I think it is best to remove the skin, so it is easy for a kid to eat it. I would recommend a good gas smoker for doing the grilling, as this tastes succulent and yummy only when grilled the right way.


This is easy to do. Take out chunks of whatever meat you are grilling and spear them in skewers along with cherry tomatoes and green and yellow bell peppers, if it is beef, and pineapple or peach, if it is pork. You can even let your kid choose the items to grill. Once grilling is over, remove the veggies and meat. Your kid is sure to love it.


This is a mini hamburger but cuter and perfect for your kid’s tiny hands. You can use turkey, pork, or beef, but make sure it is ground nicely. Use dinner rolls for buns. I recently bought an awesome smoker at Smokey Steak Ranch for my niece, as she holds barbecues often.  She was so happy with it she invited me to her next barbecue and did all the cooking herself. Usually she hands over the grilling to me. That surely shows how easy it is to grill with.


If you are completely vegan and want to steer clear of meat and dairy products tofu is the best alternative in grilled food items. You need to just marinate the tofu with soy sauce. Make sure you get tofu of extra firm consistency. Marinate it and while grilling baste the surface with marinade and grill for six minutes on either side.


This is a yummy grilled item kids love to eat. You need to just dribble vegetable or olive oil on the vegetables of your choice and grill them.  You can make the tortilla from corn or wheat and add the filling which can be cheese, vegetables or meat or a mixture of all these. Fold the tortilla over to form the shape of a half moon. It is not necessary to heat the tortillas separately. Grill the veggies, place them on the tortilla with grated cheese, and put the tortilla on the grill, until the cheese melts.

Nutrition and Dietary Tips for Seniors

Nutrition and Dietary Tips for SeniorsFood is an essential part of our life. Making a delicious meal is an art. Nevertheless, we have to eat every day to be healthy and wealthy. Therefore, we have to control what, how and when we eat. As usual, we pay much attention to our children’s food. But still we don’t correct our product diet when we are getting older. Unfortunately, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. And the tasty meal that makes you healthier when you are 20 is a harmful poison for the people over 50. That’s why we must know some simple secrets to make our life better, within eating the useful food.

Let’s start from the everyday things. Try to remember that you need to change your eating habits with the age. That’s why be careful with the everyday meal. For instance, the snacks are an everyday part of our life. Tastes, abilities and preferences of the seniors are differ, but there are some common variants, which will bring benefits to you and your health. Of course, the best snacks are quick-made and tasty. First of all, remember that fruits are your best snacks in any circumstance.

Just imaging a ripe green or red apple, a sweet banana, a fresh and colorful orange and so on – only a brief look at these fruits will make you feeling better. In addition, eating such tasty snacks will provide you with so needful in this age fiber and natural hydrating juices. Besides eating fresh fruits, you can make a mix-salad of some of them, with some honey and nuts, for example. Don’t forget to add a little bit of the lemon juice in order to keep the color of apples or bananas, besides it, it will make the taste better; moreover it has a needful vitamin C.

You know that nuts can substitute such junk food as chips in your everyday life. Moreover, they will saturate the body with protein and positive fats. You can eat them as a quick snack or make them a part of some meal. Returning to fruits, you can make a delicious snack of baked apples. It is easily made. All you need is some apples, raisins, a teaspoon of honey or brown sugar and cinnamon. Only 3-5 minutes in your microwave and a yummy and healthy snack is done.

The next and also very useful snacks are made of vegetables. There is a great variety of them in your fridge. Fresh, colorful and consisting of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they are good for stabilizing your blood pressure, they have a positive impact on your appearance and body. Broccoli, red cabbage, carrot (taste a baby-carrot as well), cucumbers, beans, avocado, pepper and so on – all these may be eaten with a great pleasure. Pay also your attention to green. The organic spinach leaves may be not only a rare addition to your sandwiches. You may make them an essential part of your snack or eat as they are. Really. They are tasty and, besides that, they provide you with the needful microelements to your good vision.

The cheeses in all their variety are the best snacks ever. You can believe it or not, but eating cheese make you forget about being exhausted. The fact of the matter is that it includes protein, which helps to recover cells, and makes red blood cells that provide oxygen and antibodies which fight with diseases.

It is needless to say that we must also control what we drink. Make a positive habit to drink juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty smoothies (they may be an ideal snack as they are easy to chew) and green tea (is a key to prevent even such harmful diseases as cancer, heart disease and diabetes).

Getting older means getting wiser. So understand that proper nutrition will prolong your life and well being. The simple steps that you can do that don’t depend on your budget or lifestyle are following:

  • Take away the saltshaker from your table. You don’t need to eat much salt. It is even harmful.
  • Forget about drinking soda and alcohol.
  • Try to eat more seafood products.
  • Of course, the greater part of your nutrition must include vegetables and fruits.
  • Control what you eat. Reduce eating foods without a lot of nutritional value, as they increase calories amount without providing proper nutrition.
  • Eat fiber rich food in every meal.
  • Choose healthy fats (you can find them in fatty fish, avocado or seeds and nuts).
  • Try to choose whole grains (they will protect you from heart disease)
  • Use products reach on protein – eggs, chicken, lean meat, fish and beans.
  • Eat more cereals. They consist of vitamin B12.
  • Excessive drinking – water, soups, melons and watermelons, non-caffeinated potables must be in your everyday life.
  • Consult a good doctor in order to be sure what products will bring benefits to your personal health.

And last, but not least. At the very beginning, we spoke that it is an art to make a delicious meal. What’s more, eating properly is another kind of art. Are you surprised? Something tells me that even seniors don’t know about music effects on appetite. Yes, you are not mistaken. The music on the background will make your dish taste better. It can even enhance the useful properties.

The latest studies on this theme approve that people have to pay much attention to the atmosphere in what they are eating. For example, jazz makes chocolate taste better. The soft, relaxing music allows you to eat less. So make up your own playlist, turn on the needful music and make your every meal to be a joy. Relax while you are eating, do not hurry, and listen to some slow and pleasant music – and you will have healthy body and soul.

Please, remember that we eat to live, and that’s why we must choose such meals, which prolong our life and make it better. They have not only health benefits; they are like keys to your new lifestyle. Just a few nutrition and dietary tips can provide every new day with new colors for the seniors. Tasty food can be useful!

What Makes A Hotel Luxurious

hotel-940730_1280I’ve spent most of my working days at Jack’s Brasserie, and I loved the place, but I’ve also had the chance to cook for other restaurants, and sometimes even hotels. During those times, when I was still young, I often found myself fascinated by all those different places. I personally liked the low-budget restaurants better, because they all had a warm atmosphere and a joyful staff, but I still find myself going down memory lane to catch another glimpse of the majestic buildings in which some of the five-star hotels were situated. What amazed me the most is the fact that opening a luxurious hotel is not as easy as it may seem. In other words, it’s not just about the money you’re willing to invest – you also need to be aware of the things that constitute such places. What follows are my modest observations, and since I’m a professional cook, I had to put food first.

Great food

In my opinion, you can’t have a luxurious hotel without great cuisine. When staying in a five-star hotel, people tend to expect the restaurant to offer not only delicious food, but also a wide selection of different dishes. It is also recommendable for the chef to offer a certain number of signature dishes.

Something to spice things up

Most luxurious hotels, for instance, have spas. And although a traditional offer should serve the purpose, each and every five-star hotel that I’ve visited had something extra, like a heated pool. You might think that that’s nothing special, but you should check a review of the equipment that’s necessary to keep it running before going any further.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be a pool equipped with a proper pool heater; it can be a winter garden, or a large aquarium, or a tennis court. It all depends on the type of clientele you’re trying to attract, as well as the overall image of your hotel.

Discreet and attentive service

People staying at luxurious hotels expect a certain kind of service. The staff should be extremely polite and helpful, as well as always around when they’re needed. But what’s crucial is that they also be very discreet, since the guests expect a high level of privacy.

Tasteful décor

Appearances are not that important, or so they say. It’s definitely not true when it comes to luxurious hotel. In such a place, dust, worn-out furniture and filthy wallpapers are simply not allowed, but what’s also important is the décor in general. Every five-star hotel that I’ve visited has featured tasteful furniture and luxurious decorations.

Comfortable rooms

You can tell a hotel by its beds. It’s true, since every decent hotel has quality mattresses, and fine linen. When it comes to luxurious places, you wouldn’t be out of place if you expected only top-of-the-line furniture.

Plenty of appliances and cosmetics

A room in a luxurious hotel is packed with useful appliances, including TV sets, hair dryers, towel racks that can also serve as heaters, shampoos, conditioners, bath salts etc. After all, these things are an important part of feeling comfortable.

Using Game Meat for a Unique Menus

Using Game Meat for a Unique MenusI’ve worked for as a chef and I never thought I’d use game meat in any of my menus until my most recent gig. I was invited to prepare a menu for an annual gathering of our local hunters club. I imagined the participants to be burly guys with beards and complete with hunting gears and stuff. They could be wearing some hunting boots, much like the ones found on this website. What could be the best treat for such outdoorsy, muscular gang?

I was scouring over a long list of pre-set menus that I have but it seems there’s none that best suits the occasion. Then I suddenly realized: why not use game meat? I have rarely cooked wild meat and this gig is definitely the perfect time to be inventive.

Customarily, you don’t see game meat such as antelope, wild boar, wild birds, bison, buffalo and other more unusual animals on the restaurant menu. Not that game meat is unhealthy or unsafe, but because they are quite difficult to find. In fact, if I only had a chance, I’d serve game meat dishes as unique house specialties. I’m sure patrons will crave for it. But since these types of meat are not readily available, they rarely find the way to delectable menus.

Game meats are those that come from animals that have been hunted for food. Game meat recipes are as equally rare as the meat itself. When planning to use game meat, you have to be creative and versatile. You are unsure about what type of meat will end up in your kitchen. Normally, you’ll prepare the recipe on-the-spot, depending on what is on hand.

For this hunter’s club gathering, I plan to serve rosemary winter and pheasant stew, hearty venison stew, bison bulalo, bison meatballs, clay pot rabbit and rabbit cattiatore. I am unsure if I could get real games or probably I would go for farmed game animals. I’m afraid I will do the hunting myself and might need to wear hunting boots, such as the Lacrosse Aero Head Men’s Boots, if ever I couldn’t find sufficient game meat.

Game animals that have grown in the wild have that unique taste. They are also leaner compared to farm animals as they feed on natural vegetation that is abundant in the wild. Since game meats are leaner, they have the tendency to overcook fast. It is a good idea to stick with recipes that won’t overcook the meat. Stews, long marinades, braise, and moist heats are some cooking techniques that work well with game meats.

Authentic hunter recipes are very straightforward. Grilling is the most common way for cooking game meats, especially in the wild. After a day of hunting, hunters typically set camp in the wilderness and then start a fire where they can grill their game. But with my recipes, I’ll show them what better way to prepare and enjoy their games. I hope they love my dishes as much as I love this challenge!

Nutrition in The Style of Bruce Lee

kick-185384_1280When we mention the name of Bruce Lee, nobody thinks about the nutrition. His name is associated with remarkable martial arts skills and movies. However, to achieve such fantastic results, to have enough energy, strength and body full of muscles without a lot of parts that are shaking as they are made of gelatin, he had to take care of his diet. Let me remind you – the sumo wrestling is a martial art too, but fighters do not look nearly as Bruce Lee.

The Bruce Lee diet is based on the eastern cuisine. It is part of his origin, from where probably stemmed and his love for martial arts. Of course, martial arts have their other roots, such as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you deal with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bruce Lee advices can be useful too. For the success and progress in this sport, you need Gi like these and the following nutrition rules:

Avoid refined flour. Although many of us think that the bread and biscuits are a source of carbohydrates, realistically there is a better choice. Many of us cannot imagine a meal without a bread. Bruce Lee avoided these food because he felt that the white, refined flour does not have anything that would be useful to the body – only empty, useless calories. And when it is useless, it is not something you should have on your plate. Instead of bread, as a source of carbohydrate, he used rice and pasta.

Eat the “real” foods. This may be the attitude with which I, as a professional chef, must agree. If there is something I despise, that are those ready and semi-ready meals, that are more a poison than food. That’s why I chose to deal with food in my life. Under the “real” food, we talk about fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, and not on their products. In other words, learn to cook!

Drink tea and protein drinks. Tea is full of antioxidants, and it strengthening the immune system and help the body in a natural way. It is a part of Chinese tradition. Regarding the tradition or not, the Bruce Lee was drinking tea every day, often sweetened with honey. Honey and bee products have often been part of his diet. As an energy drink, he drank royal honey and ginseng. Bee Propolis is one of the supplements he was taking, in addition to vitamins C and E and other supplements.

apple-2391_1280Eat smaller meals more often. Well, this is probably the key rule of any healthy diet, even the one that has consumed this great fighter. This way of eating allows you to constantly be satiated. Having a steady schedule and eat always at the same time, helps a lot to bring your metabolism in order. Respect some rhythm and it’s going to work like a clockwork. Irregular meals and overeating lead to accumulation of fat and cravings for junk food and sweets that will quickly raise the level of sugar in your blood.

Bruce Lee avoided milk products. Not because he thought they are unhealthy, but simply because they did not like them. This is an item that I would personally skip in his diet. Proteins and calcium, which can be obtained from dairy products, are important for strong muscles and strong bones. And you need them, if you want to be successful in martial arts.

Food For a Better Concentration

Did you notice that you are not focused on the work that you do? Maybe you justify that with fatigue, and perhaps too much work causes poor diet, which badly affects the functioning of the brain. We should not forget that food is our fuel – from it, we draw the energy that moves us to work hard and think.

When you pour the bad fuel into the car, it does not work properly. It is the same with us. Therefore, for good concentration and focus you need a right food.

The reason I am writing about this is one my recent experience with archery. A friend of mine took me to one companionship and competition of archers. There I met many people and saw that there exist a big number of different bows and arrows. I never thought about how many things should be kept in mind when you buying a bow. Fortunately, Archery Boot Camp has all this concisely explained in one place.

I realized that the choice of equipment is not easy, and I find out how much concentration is needed to hit the target. Of course, this made me think about what food is best for shooters and better concentration. Shooters have their favorite weapon like this one: I have a favorite food for concentration.

Blueberries. They are known as fruits full of antioxidants. It is amazing how many good qualities stall in such a small piece of fruit. They boost blood circulation, stimulate the brain function and allow that it works its job better  – to focus when it is necessary.

Cauliflower. I have read somewhere that the food looks like part of the body for which is particularly useful. Well, you must admit that cauliflower with its appearance reminds on the brain. And really, it is good for better concentration. Consumption of cauliflower in the body creates citicoline. It is believed that citicoline promotes the work the part of the brain responsible for the focus.

Walnuts. Like a cauliflower, walnuts in their own way remind on the brain. And yes, they are good for concentration. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that “lubricate” the work of our brain, enabling better concentration.

Rice’s bran is full of magnesium. Some studies in China have shown that foods rich in magnesium improve concentration and memory. Of course, you can always take a supplement. Still, like a real gourmand, I always try to find sources of health in food. Rice’s bran is my choice when it comes to magnesium.

Dark chocolate. Chocolates are often praised and criticized at the same time when it comes to their impact on our health. For my part, I vote for the dark chocolate as the source of better concentration. It contains a small dose of caffeine, which is always associated with wakefulness. It also contains the above-mentioned magnesium. Should I mention especially the feeling of satisfaction that provides consumption of chocolate and the benefits of such a sense of the whole body, not just for better concentration? I think I should not.

The ability to concentrate is a matter of practice. That does not mean that consumption of these foods will have instant consequences in a better focus and better results. As with the preparation of a tasty meal, the thing is in the right combination of ingredients – good equipment, hard training, and good food.

3 Effortless Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

3 Effortless Tips to Keep Your Kitchen CleanI am really addicted to cleanliness in my kitchen. In my opinion, sanitation should be one of the basic principles of a successful chef. Even if you prepare your dishes from fresh products, you can easily cause your customers to suffer from food poisoning due to a messy kitchen. I never start making food or processing any ingredients if the area is not clean.

But it is not only the area for food production that has to be clean.  I try to provide overall sanitation from the moment the products are delivered till my customers get their meals. At every stage, I strive to be as clean as possible. Here are some sanitation tips from me:

  • Clean storage for products.

If you keep your products in the fridge, for example, make sure it is regularly washed with a disinfecting washing agent to avoid things like mildew, putridity, or other bacteria which can spoil fresh products or add an unwanted smell to them. While cleaning the refrigerator, be sure to take out all the shelves, drawers, or other removable items and clean them separately. Every so often, I recommend checking your fridge for aged and inedible foods to prevent the distribution of mold.

  • Clean the food production area.

Everything in your kitchen must be visually clean and tidy. You shouldn’t leave unused raw materials lying around. Be sure to return them to the storage place as soon as possible. The unused equipment should be washed and put in its storage place. Do not use one type of equipment for different types of food without first cleaning it. I always try to throw away any waste right away so it doesn’t build up in the food preparation area. There should be nothing lying on the floor as well. You should also remember to keep raw and cooked products separate as well as isolate the dry ingredients. It is important to regularly clean all kitchen areas and equipment. I cannot suggest how often you should do it, but my best tip would be – as often as possible.

  • Maintain personal hygiene.

I don’t need to enter your kitchen to understand whether it is clean or not. It would be enough to take a glance at your appearance. Your clothes, your hair, and your hands will tell the whole story. First of all, you need to take care of your hands. Apart from regular washing, you need to take care of your nails, as most bacteria gather under them. I for one, have a personal manicurist taking care of my nails. This is a very responsible job requiring special techniques and experience. Over at Nail Technician Schools, you can find out more details about this profession. Pay attention to your hair too. Use headgear at all times to prevent hair from falling onto the production areas. Finally, keep your clothes tidy and change them whenever they become dirty. For this reason, I recommend having a spare set handy.

If you really want to become a good chef, my advice is to take sanitation seriously. These days, there are a number of rules and regulations set up by the governing bodies for food production. With a messy kitchen, you may even end up in jail. So, beware!

A Chef’s Tips for Avoiding Achy Feet

A chef workingMost people think that the work of a chef is easy, but it’s not.

While it’s true that I enjoy every minute cooking and preparing foods, oftentimes the work requires standing for long hours. After a full day, I can feel my achy feet and stiff leg muscles, as if they want to give up.

I have long accepted this physical challenge as part of my career, so I see to it that I wear shoe brands and styles that are good for standing all day. Before I buy new working shoes, I read a lot of reviews about different shoes. Lately, I’ve been reading this review site (click this link) and have found very interesting tips on how to choose the right shoes for stand-up workers. I’ve learned that wearing appropriate shoes can greatly minimize the ills of long hours of standing.

Apart from using the right shoes, I also see to it that I do simple exercises while cooking to keep blood flowing through my lower extremities. Here let me share with you some more exercises and tips to avoid achy feet after a day at work.

  1. Keep your legs moving

Perform dynamic leg exercises to prevent your leg muscles and joints from stiffening. Some exercises you can perform while working on your yummy recipes include alternating knee flexion, figure-8 hip rotation, and kicking an imaginary ball. These exercises flex the legs at a particular joint or group of joints thus promoting blood circulation.

  1. Perform stretching exercises

Static stretches can be performed while waiting for your recipes to get cooked. When done correctly, these exercises can relieve muscle tension and ensure blood circulation. Calf stretch and hamstring stretch are static stretching exercises that are good for your lower extremities.

  1. Avoid constricting clothing for your lower extremities

You don’t need to be stylish while at the kitchen, right? Chef uniforms are comfortable and allow you to move around freely. Tight pants or leggings can hinder proper flow of blood through the lower extremities. Some benefit from wearing elastic stockings or socks which presses the leg muscles and blood vessels thus preventing varicose veins.

  1. Take brief breaks from standing

Prolonged standing can cause your blood vessels to swell, which can eventually lead to varicose veins. You can avoid this problem by sitting down every now and then. It would help to have a chair nearby where you can sit while waiting for your recipe to get cooked.

  1. Engage in physical exercises on your free time

A good 30-minute walk or jog can help strengthen your leg muscles. You can also go biking, swimming and other similarly active sports. A friend of mine (who is also a chef) recently joined a parkour club. It’s a highly active sport that I know can benefit the lower extremities. I’m actually planning to join too and have started reading articles about parkour shoes.

Obviously, wearing the right shoes plays the biggest part in ensuring comfort for your feet while working. The next time you change your shoes make sure to pick an appropriate shoe style and design for the nature of your work.

How Far Does the Food You Eat Travel?

How Far Does the Food You Eat TravelDid you know that the food you eat travels thousands of miles before they reach your plate?

As a master chef, I’ve always made sure that my dishes are made of fresh ingredients. And so it is important for me to know how foods get to my kitchen. I once tried to check how these ingredients get to my kitchen and was astonished at what I learned. From the farm to your plate, an average American meal travels almost 1,500 miles. Whatever happens in between this long trip is for you to guess.

Expectedly, tropical foodstuffs such chocolate, tea, coffee, bananas, and sugar are grown and shipped from other parts of the world. But nowadays, even vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other food products, that were once sourced locally, are being imported from other countries. This trend has become apparent because of the wide difference in the cost of imported and locally-grown food products. This is because some foodstuffs are more suited in certain parts of the globe and are thus mass-produced there.

While it could be economically sound, for us chefs, transporting foods at long distances puts a question mark on the safety and freshness of the foods. For example, fruits that have to be transported are usually picked unripe and once they reach the destination, they are gassed to “ripen” them. Similarly, vegetables are also sealed tightly and preservatives are used to avoid spoiling during the shipment. There are also vegetable and fruit varieties that have been genetically modified so they last longer and are less perishable.

Since I’m not sure what happens along the way, I see to it that the ingredients in the kitchen are grown locally. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, I prefer shopping from local farmers market. I actually have a neighbor who grows organic veggies at her backyard and I’m her regular customer. Inside her home, she has LED grow lights which she uses for growing delicate vegetables and herbs. I was actually planning to buy an LED grow light and have even checked Grow Lights Base (a review site for different LED grow lights). I haven’t found any stall that sells the freshest vegetables and herbs as my neighbor!

Buying foodstuffs from a local farmers market not only ensures that the foods you serve are fresh; it also supports your local food system. If you have a local farmers market, I really recommend shopping there. If you have a green thumb, it may even be best to start growing your own foods. This way, you are certain that the foods you serve your loved ones are healthy and fresh!

Venison And Its Health Benefits

venison-542592_1920True gourmets know how to enjoy in food, and they valued venison on their plate. In addition to specific taste, it is also very good for our health. Here are some reasons why you should learn to hunt and occasionally enjoy as true gourmets.

Venison is full of iron. Therefore, it prevents anemia and affects the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is very important, and has a role in providing enough oxygen to your muscles, tissues and organs.

In this way, eating of venison can affect your overall health and energy.

Venison meat does not contain fat. Is there anything better than a piece of pure meat? This meat is especially good if you deal with bodybuilding and try to develop muscles. For this, you need a lot of proteins, and in the venison is full of them. Besides, this meat is lean. Wild animals in the wood lead an active life, and their meat does not have too much fat. It is not a philosophy – it is the same with humans. I know many people who do not like fatty deposits on meat. The solution for these people could be venison.

You might be wondering now, where to get the venison. You can buy it, or order it in a hunter’s restaurant. However, when I already mention physical activity, perhaps it is not a bad idea to learn to hunt. Hunting has many advantages, starting from better concentration, better condition to the cheap procurement of tasty and healthy meals. To increase the chances to make a good catch, you will need an adequate hunting equipment, which includes clothing, gun, and high-quality rangefinder. Of course, you need a supply of water and food. It is best to take the one that has no complicated and rustling package, which will show your position. After speaking with my old pal who is a professional on this topic, I would personally recommend this one.

Are you trying to lose weight? Venison meat is an excellent choice for your diet, not only because it contains less fat, but because it has twice fewer calories than beef meat.

The best diet connects good and useful. In this case, it means delicious and healthy at the same time. Venison will give you a good portion of protein and iron, but it is a rich source of vitamin B12, which is also important in the fight against anemia. There is vitamin B6, which affects the conversion of carbohydrates, which is very important for people who have problems with diabetes.

Perhaps the most important thing is the fact that the venison caught in the wood is actually a kind of organic food. Such meat is not enriched with hormones and antibiotics for faster growth and is therefore, perfectly natural and healthiest source of meat.

Venison has a strong and specific taste. It’s a taste of the wild that was the inspiration for the development of hunting cuisine. Until you do not try to eat the hunting specialties, you cannot know what it means to be a true gourmet!