About Me

Hello everyone! This is Tom. I am a former senior chef at Jack’s Brasserie Restaurant in Bristol, UK. I am here to share my thoughts and impressions with you. This is a very important moment in my culinary life. I can speak openly from all my experience as a chef. This blog is a source of much information about my favorite recipes, my philosophy as far as food is concerned and all my stories as a chef in Bristol.

On this blog, I will share with you all my culinary knowledge and my experience in the kitchen. You can also bring your contribution and ask questions. We can talk about everything related to cooking and eating healthily. We can also refer to the restaurant experience in particular and some other aspects such as ingredients or food in general.

For instance, you could amaze your friends, your family by preparing croissants for the next weekend breakfast. You will also find plenty of illustrations aiming to explain and show you how to fulfill your journey on this site successfully. Here, you will find all my dishes either British or French or recipes belonging to different cultures and cuisines. I am here to share everything with you. My own cuisine is influenced by both culture and ideals. I have worked hard as a chef and my successful career speaks for itself. I am ready to guide you, give pieces of advice and answer all your questions. You will find many recipes and you will also learn how to eat healthily. After reading this blog, you will certainly use fresh ingredients to cook healthy dishes.

I want this blog to be the space where you feel both welcomed and taken care of. All is good when cooking comes first. Keep cooking and enjoy healthy food!