Now this is what it takes to be a fine chef

Now this is what it takes to be a fine chefIf you are still contemplating whether or not you want to become a chef I hope that my previous post on what it means to be a chef proved to be educational, interesting and, most important of all, inspirational. Now, what I’m about to tell you next deals with the aptitudes of being a fine chef on more practical levels.

I’m not going to be recommending where you should study further or serve out your apprenticeship. What I am going to do is guide you on emotional, aesthetic, psychological and physical aspects which help fine chefs to cope well in their business.

You need to spend more time in your own kitchen

Most of you already know that the business of being a chef is highly pressurized, even at the best of times. I’d like to share a short anecdote on a colleague of mine before I go any further. Firstly, let me also tell you that is but one of the many internet resources which suggest options on how you can stay in shape in the kitchen. Now, this genial colleague of mine is one of the finest chefs I know. Not only is he talented, he’s also a brilliant businessman and quite egregious with people, staff and patrons alike.

But his problem is that he rarely has time for himself, not so much for the long hours that we keep, but more to do with his physical and mental well-being. Not by any means a heavy drinker, in fact he hardly drinks at all, he is a heavy smoker. Smokes and cups of coffee are his breakfast staple, and ironically for a master chef, he rarely spends any time in his own kitchen at home, preparing healthy meals for himself and his kids.

You need to be inspired by others

In fact, when he has them over, he generally treats them with outings to their favorite fast-food restaurant. Let’s just say that at his time of life, this is all a recipe for disaster. But on a positive note, I’ve never seen someone immerse himself so much in literature the way this bloke does. Apart from all the other genres, not a month goes by when he doesn’t have his canny nose in re-reading excerpts from our cooking bible, Larousse Gastronomique, recipes from our godfather, the legendary Paul Bocuse, and inspirational ramblings from renowned American celebrity chef and author, Anthony Bourdain.

I do pretty much the same, and I enjoy amusing myself with new work from my compatriots Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. Fortunately for me, I also enjoy keeping myself physically active and in shape when I’m not in the kitchen.

I’ve got my regular gym membership and I particularly enjoy my long Sunday walks. I’m also a convert of martial arts and these days am also preoccupied with honing my self-defense skills. You can read more here how I practice with realistic-looking dummies while thinking about my next spring and summer menus.

How Far Does the Food You Eat Travel?

How Far Does the Food You Eat TravelDid you know that the food you eat travels thousands of miles before they reach your plate?

As a master chef, I’ve always made sure that my dishes are made of fresh ingredients. And so it is important for me to know how foods get to my kitchen. I once tried to check how these ingredients get to my kitchen and was astonished at what I learned. From the farm to your plate, an average American meal travels almost 1,500 miles. Whatever happens in between this long trip is for you to guess.

Expectedly, tropical foodstuffs such chocolate, tea, coffee, bananas, and sugar are grown and shipped from other parts of the world. But nowadays, even vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other food products, that were once sourced locally, are being imported from other countries. This trend has become apparent because of the wide difference in the cost of imported and locally-grown food products. This is because some foodstuffs are more suited in certain parts of the globe and are thus mass-produced there.

While it could be economically sound, for us chefs, transporting foods at long distances puts a question mark on the safety and freshness of the foods. For example, fruits that have to be transported are usually picked unripe and once they reach the destination, they are gassed to “ripen” them. Similarly, vegetables are also sealed tightly and preservatives are used to avoid spoiling during the shipment. There are also vegetable and fruit varieties that have been genetically modified so they last longer and are less perishable.

Since I’m not sure what happens along the way, I see to it that the ingredients in the kitchen are grown locally. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, I prefer shopping from local farmers market. I actually have a neighbor who grows organic veggies at her backyard and I’m her regular customer. Inside her home, she has LED grow lights which she uses for growing delicate vegetables and herbs. I was actually planning to buy an LED grow light and have even checked Grow Lights Base (a review site for different LED grow lights). I haven’t found any stall that sells the freshest vegetables and herbs as my neighbor!

Buying foodstuffs from a local farmers market not only ensures that the foods you serve are fresh; it also supports your local food system. If you have a local farmers market, I really recommend shopping there. If you have a green thumb, it may even be best to start growing your own foods. This way, you are certain that the foods you serve your loved ones are healthy and fresh!

Lighting The Way

led lights close upI’ve been to many different places during my long and successful life as a master chef. Being more independent and self-catering these days, I travel a lot more, meeting new people and seeing new landscapes and towns.

Even outside of Bristol, some of these places can be difficult to reach. Also, I am often out a lot longer than originally planned. Travelling by road, even off-road sometimes is part of the joys and pains of being a celebrity chef.

Peace of mind

It gives me great joy, a quiet sense of satisfaction and peace of mind to see the positive reactions on the faces of folks who experience my dishes for the first time. A sense of awe and wonder also prevails. This is nothing unusual. After all, most of my dishes, innovative and sometimes thoroughly original, are designed to instill inspiration other than the usual satisfaction it give people’s taste buds. Driving long distances has its advantages in the sense that I am also inspired. But I wanted to experience that same peace of mind and confidence I usually experience when within the walls of my designer kitchen.

For one thing, the bright lights of my kitchen continue to shine while I am busy. Similarly, I wanted heavy-duty cab lights to brighten my path. Out late at night, the country roads ahead are often quite dark for me to see my way clearly. To this end, I decided to give LED light bar sources a try.

LED features

I’ve narrowed my search for a powerful light source to light my way at night. It has come down to two choices. Like most brilliant creative’s, I am sometimes prone to procrastination. Perhaps you’d like to help me decide which light bar to choose. Here is some information on the light bars I found to help you if you are interested.

Most light bars are primarily designed to be fitted to emergency service vehicles such as ambulances and police squad cars. Increased visibility for both driver and the public entails placing the lights in strategic areas of the vehicle, such as the front grill, the back bumper and, in the case of emergency vehicles, on the vehicle’s roof. The Edge Series light bars that I discovered is fitted with flash patterns (depending on light) and traffic advisor patterns.

Liberty Series LED light bars, on the other hand, seem to offer better energy savings. It is smaller than the Edge series and has an aluminum-top shield that protects the light bar from the elements and also directs heat away from the light’s internal components.

Feeling safe

Perhaps most importantly, this Liberty series light source is fitted with a heat sink which extends the life of the light bar. I will feel a lot safer and also save on energy once I’ve made my decision. It would be great if you could let me know what you think.

What it means to be A Chef

ChefsLet me present myself. I am Tom and my work speaks for itself. I am a skilled person in my field of activity. I am in charge of food production in my restaurant. According to this description, you can call me a Chef. My duties are extremely diverse. I manage my kitchen and oversee my staff in order to plan menus, work out various dishes or manage raw material procurement.

Job as a Chef

My work as a chef is different from that of a cook. Sometimes the two terms chef and cook mean the same. However, both education and experience differ. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to become a chef. You should first work as an apprentice and learn the craft at a culinary academy and after that join an establishment. Sometimes you must spend some money to learn the trade. All in all, as a chef I spend long hours of work, doing my best to perform my job and please my clients. Being a chef is not an easy career but I have a strong passion for food and cooking.

There are some qualities that each chef should have when referring to this profession. A chef should have an absolute passion for both food and cooking, a food philosophy. As for me, I am fond of my profession. I have a total commitment to my job. I always work under pressure. I also have time management skills. I keep calm in difficult situations. My sense of business is at a higher level. I can also work as part of my team and mentor the others. I am able to take criticism if necessary and always please the client. I can create exquisite food and I am always up to date to the most recent trends in gastronomy.

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The Philosophy of the Great Food

Great food

Healthy Eating

My philosophy of food and healthy eating has its roots in a balanced way of living. This means eating and leading my life in a sane way. Food is one of the greatest joy in life, but it can turn into our enemy if we lead an unhealthy life. Ingredients such as pasta, stews and burgers have their place in our diets; still, we should be aware that we need to keep our common sense and eat healthily. If we eat these ingredients from time to time, this should be alright. Eat a fresh salad, enjoy it, but do not eat a cake afterwards.

Knowing how to cook means that I can turn many fresh ingredients into meals which are cheapest and in season. Cooking this way will be cheaper and healthier. Therefore, you will find your balance if you use fresh ingredients to cook healthy dishes. For instance, sometimes I feel like making something light as well as fresh and sometimes something both warming and hearty. If I want to snack between meals, I eat something healthy rather than chocolate and potato crisps. When I refer to having a healthy approach to food, it means that I keep a balance as far as food is concerned.

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My Top 3 Favorite Classic British Recipes

Yorkshire_PuddingI am fond of British classic dishes. For instance, if you are looking for ideas for a Sunday roast, you could try  Yorkshire pudding recipe my up to date recipe:

Put together flour, salt, eggs, milk as well as nutmeg in order to form a batter. It should rest for almost an hour.
The ingredients are the following:

  • 175g of strong bread flour
  • 4 eggs
  • salt
  • 1 pinch of ground nutmeg
  • 300 ml of full-fat milk

You should heat a nonstick Yorkshire pudding tray with fat and then place it in the oven at 200°C/Gas mark 6 till the fat is smoking.

  • 1 dollop of lard

Pour in the batter and after that cook for approx. 20-25 minutes until it is well risen. You should serve it immediately as accompaniment to some traditional roast.

There is no Sunday lunch without pudding. Therefore, the British desserts should be by all means cooked and served on Sunday. Here is a recipe for the Shortbread Biscuits.

Preheat the oven to 160°C/gas mark 3.

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Common Philosophies Today

Common Philosophies TodayThe first philosophers had a much narrower view of the world than we do today. In the days of the Greek philosophers, people still believed that slavery was morally right and that women were less worthy than men. Most of that has changed today; although there are sects of people that believe men are better or that slavery is ok, most people agree on a few basic moral tenets. I want to talk about some philosophies that I’ve run into working as a chief. I meet all kinds of people, and hear all different views on life.


I run into this one a LOT with businessmen. Objectivism is the philosophy that Ayn Rand espoused in her book Atlas Shrugged. It states that emotions mean nothing, and only facts matter in life. It further talks about men and women known as “prime movers,” who are the engines of the machine of capitalism. Unregulated, anarcho-capitalism is seen as the best way to run an economic system. Everyone who wants money from a prime mover without doing the work is a “parasite” to society. This philosophy is very controversial; many modern philosophers debate if objectivism even IS a real philosophy. But its impact on American society cannot be denied.


Feminism has gained a lot of traction since the 1920s. In the 20s, women in America protested for voting rights. In the 60s and 70s women struggled for an equal place in work and home life. 3rd wave feminism is much less centralized around ideas, but the basic wants of the movement include reproductive rights and equality for non-white women. There are many that seek to normalize women’s issues, such as periods and breastfeeding. is one of the sites that helps women deal with women’s issues on a day-to-day basis. Most women agree that feminism seeks to give women the same treatment as men, and all the rights that go with that.


Nihilism can be seen as a philosophy, or it can be seen as a total LACK of philosophy. Nihilism is the thought that nothing matters in life, and that there is nothing we can do in life that will matter in the long term. Friedrich Nietzsche is the most popular nihilist philosopher. Nihilism is very popular among atheists and agnostics, who believe that because religion is not true that an afterlife cannot be true either. It’s hard to believe that life matters very much if you don’t believe in something after death. Nihilism can even be seen in the popular adult cartoon “Rick and Morty;” Rick doesn’t believe there is a God and that nothing matters once you’re dead.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, stick to them! It’s better to believe in something in life. Life your life by principles; I try to be a principled person at my job. No matter what you do, do it the best that you can! No matter what you believe, we can all agree on that.

Superfoods For Every Active Man’s Diet

It may sound cliché but we really are what we eat. If you live an active lifestyle or you are the type of guy who would hop onto a motorbike with your vintage motorcycle helmet and do a cross-country motorbike trip, then you need to fill your diet with superfoods. Sadly, not many men know about what foods are best for their diet.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to prepare the lunch for a motorbike club and it got me thinking about what great recipes I could include in their menu. I wanted to try something new for this gig – and I wanted impress these active, burly guys. I’ve done a quick research about what foods are best for active men and I’d like to share what I learned with you.

Here are some superfoods that can help you get leaner, stronger and healthier.

  1. Turkey Breast

An ounce of skinless turkey breast can give you up to seven grams of muscle-building protein. It is also high in zinc for improved virility, cancer-fighting selenium, and immunity boosting B-vitamins. A serving of turkey breast is beefed with amino acids but is very low in saturated fats. Aside from being very palatable, the meat is very versatile and can be used for almost any recipe. A 3-ounce serving is loaded with 72 calories.

  1. Quinoa

This exotic whole grain is loaded with calories (you get 318 calories per half cup). For most active men who hate whole grains, quinoa can be the best alternative with its light flavor which is perfect for different recipes. Compared with other grain, quinoa has the highest protein content plus a hefty dose of heart-healthy unsaturated fats. It is also a good source of B vitamins and fiber. There are a lot of great tasting quinoa recipes that any man can do.

  1. Milk

Most men would scorn drinking milk but it should be part of every active man’s diet. In fact, it is recommended that active men take up to three servings of dairy daily. Milk aids in the body’s fat-burning system and slows down the storage of unhealthy fat. And while you can take supplements, nothing beats the real thing. There are a lot of flavorful dairy products that you can add to your everyday diet.

  1. Soy

Soy is an abundant source of vitamins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you are not a fan of soy milk or tofu, there are other soy-containing products such as soy nuts and soy protein shakes. These products taste great and are ‘very masculine.’

  1. Beef

Beef is not only tasteful it’s also a rich source of zinc and iron which are essential in the body’s circulatory health. A serving of beef is loaded with more than 10% of your body’s daily requirement of protein, selenium, B-vitamins, riboflavin, phosphorus, and niacin. And the great news is that beef meat is said to be 20% leaner than they were before, which means you get little fat with each serving.

I guess, the motorbike club was so happy with my menu that they even gifted me with a helmet similar to those reviewed at Motorcyclist Life. Learning about different healthy foods is something I love about being a chef.

Beware of the rising mercury levels

Beware of the rising mercury levels

In an earlier post, we spoke about the intricacies and ramifications thereof of preparing fish for dinners. No chef worth his salt, and apparently Mr. Ramsey seems to have plenty of it, can truly say he’s a chef until he is able to prepare the perfect grilled fish or delicately balanced sea food curry. Here in Bristol, English chefs by the way are not immune to this long-lasting tradition, most city dwellers could be forgiven for believing that they were buying the much healthier alternative to what most Americans refer to as burgers and fries or just plain take-outs in any form. And the old English tradition, especially on Fridays or after a football match, watching Bristol City or Bristol Rovers lose again, is the purposeful buying of your old fish and chips parcel.

Fish is still good for you but

All these years we were, quite rightly, led to believe that a good old kipper or haddock was good for us. This much is true, and that goes for most other preferred oceanic species from around the world in accordance with the regions’ cultural traditions. Until quite recently.

We now know that we have to be extremely cautious about sourcing fish from the oceans, mainly due to the dangerously high levels of poisonous mercury in those fish. Previously, natural mercury levels were all at acceptable and safe levels. But today’s fish, what’s left of them anyway, have levels brought on by humankind’s propensity to heavily pollute the oceans.

Fortunately, there’s a way around all of this. As a self-starting and indigenous cook and fisherman, you could begin by sourcing an aptly crafted kayak, such as those listed on this website here. Now, most safe species of fish are found in inland rivers, particularly those that have been preserved well. Those that are heavily polluted lost all the fish they were holding after they completely ran out of oxygen.

Check for yourself that it is line fish

A good kayak is a sustainable craft, deliberately designed and manufactured for white rivers and deep enough streams ideal for capturing the perfect line of fresh salmon. But those of you, who still prefer your line fish from the ocean, well, make sure that it is just that. Check thrice with your restaurateur about this, and if preparing something at home, make sure you’ve been down to the docks yourself and seen to it that the old sea salts themselves have properly tended to the cleaning of the fish themselves.

The cleaner the better, as they say. Although, it must be said that you’re not going to be able to do much about those mercury levels. Nevertheless, there’s yet another way around this.

No matter where in the world you are, unfortunately for both good and bad reasons, fish has become frightfully expensive. All you need to do here is simply reduce your normal intake of fish to say, once or twice a month.

The burden of responsibility lies on you take care of all

cooking-113411_960_720Hello, my name’s Tom. I’m the ex-head chef of Jack’s Brasserie Restaurant, located in Bristol, Great Britain. As you can tell, my website pays homage to this business, and today, I’m an avid food and recipe writer. All stories posted here are related to my world as a food fundi and my personal philosophies on life. Seeing as it is a new year, I’d thought I’d re-introduce myself here today. I know that there are many readers out there who have dusted off their New Year’s resolutions and, nearing the end of the first month of 2016, they are still proceeding apace.

When it gets hot in the kitchen, stay in it

Congratulations to all of you who have made it this far. Keep it up and do not lose hope, particularly when the going starts to get tough. Chances are that this year may well be a tougher year than the previous one. But it does not need to be unbearable, particularly if you stay resolute in keeping your new years promises and stick to your plan of action. Whether it’s business or personal (even both), make sure that plan you’ve drafted is a realistic one.

LED LIGHTS PLANET holds true to realistic expectations. Their ethos is tailored around a promotional vibe and keeping things safe. It is also all about being responsible. It mirrors the philosophy of always retaining your own burden of responsibility, not just for yourself but especially for those entrusted in your care. A family man, you need to plan ahead to ensure that your growing children are well-provided for and kept safe in their present environment.

Running your own business encompasses a huge array of responsibilities if you want to ensure that not only does it thrive, it survives too.

Look after your kitchen staff

I mentioned earlier that this year would potentially be a tough one. You need to take care of all financial eventualities, anything that can harmfully impact the day to day running of your business. And in this frame, you dare not exclude your customer base or your staff. Allow me to conclude today’s post by staying focused on our mutual staff’s well-being.

The most challenging aspect for you, as a small business owner, may be the wage bill. If there was previously no budget for this, staff not only deserve it, they do need an annual increase. Do not take it for granted that you can plead poverty and simply wring your hands and say sorry. No matter how hard the business and job environment is these days, remember that the days of successfully holding on to loyal staff who have been through thick and thin with you are now long gone.

Also make sure that their working hours are reasonable. If it is necessary that extra hours have to be worked, please pay them for those too. And, as a business leader, make sure that you also pitch in to help in the kitchen. It is part of your burden of responsibility.

Well, Blow Me Down!

When I was young and still lived at home, my mother did all the cooking. Even now, I am married with kids, if I visit my mum, she insists on cooking. Who am I to complain? She cooks excellent meals and there’s nothing like a bit of a trip down memory lane when it comes to gastronomic delights.

When I entered the real world of marriage and kids, I still didn’t know how to cook. The trouble was, my new wife was not an expert in the culinary arts either so the meals we had in the first few months of marriage were fulfilling enough but rather mediocre. I was busy working to actually spend any time cooking and my spare time outside of work was spent trying to get a performing band together. I could play the guitar and sing, and two old schoolmates both played the guitar, one lead the other bass. We needed a drummer at least. We could all do vocals.

We practised in one of our garages which we had soundproofed as well as filled with an amazing amount of electronic stuff. We advertised for musicians in the local paper. I took a phone call a few days after our advert from a guy who was keen on joining the band. I told him to come to the garage on our practice evening and he could meet the guys and we could check him out. No problem he said.

On a Thursday afternoon, this guy turns up. We exchange greetings and lots of hellos after which I asked him where his instrument was, expecting him to go and get a guitar from his car. He produces this little leather case out of which he pulls a trumpet-like thing. It’s not what I imagined a trumpet looked like but hey! I only ever knew one trumpet player in my life – Louis Armstrong.

I said what the hell is that thing? He said it’s called a pocket trumpet. We all said we had never seen anything like it. Peter ( that was his name), said he had actually learnt to play as a kid on a regular trumpet but one day, after looking to replace the 15-year-old trumpet he had owned, he checked out a website called and came across some information about these smaller styles. After trying one to make sure the sound was as good a quality as a standard instrument he decided to buy one. Peter said they sound great and a little easier to cart around. Slightly more portable they are, he said.

So we added a pocket trumpet player to our band because he was not only good but the different sound of a trumpet added some variety to our standard music. The band didn’t really move into the upper echelons of the music business and after it had folded, I made some better efforts to learn how to cook. All I can say is that my cooking ability these days is appreciated far more than my band ever was.

Cooking with Fish

Cooking with FishThere are few foods which are more finicky than fresh fish and seafood. Anyone who’s watched a season or two of a Gordon Ramsay cooking show should know just how difficult it is to properly cook scallops – it’s not an impossible task though. The problem with most seafood is the water content compared to other meats. I’m going to pass along a little science lesson here in a minute, but trust me when I say it is important knowledge for every chef, and not at all limited to use in a classroom or laboratory setting. It should be obvious too, but it has a lot to do with water.

You see, water is literally the only thing on this planet that actually expands when it gets colder. Everything else (and I mean everything) contracts as it chills, from computer electronics to plate glass, from the gaseous air inside of tires to steel fittings which hold together good knives. Water is the only thing that expands as it gets colder, which is why frostbite is such a serious issue for people braving cold weather. It’s also why frozen meats, especially fish and seafood, just don’t taste as good as fresh cuts. Freezing and thawing alters the taste and texture of many foods, but none more than seafood.

Therefore, the only way to cook good fish is to kill it, clean it and prepare it from fresh sources. Because hauling in the “catch of the day” is really impractical for most restaurants and even home cooks, this might seem impossible. But that’s where aquariums come into the equation. These tanks filled with fish are good for much more than just housing family pets. An aquarium will keep your fish alive and as fresh as possible until you scoop it up, chop it up and make something out of it. Just make sure you have some quality canister filter or other system for keeping the water clean and pure.

That will ensure your fish remains clean and pure, which in turn will provide the best possible taste experience for whoever ends up eating it. Nobody likes fish that tastes like old mud, and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you’re pulling fish from a dirty tank and using them to make food. All that grit and grime ends up in the fish if you don’t remove it from the water, and that affects the taste of said fish, and not in a positive way.

If you plan to cook with fish then, for the best possible fish, use meat which was only recently slaughtered and cleaned when preparing your dishes. Because this isn’t practical for people with small aquariums, you’ll need a larger tank if you want to handle your fish in this manner. For that, you’ll need adequate filtration to keep the water clean and the meat pure. You can read more about that at if the mood takes you. Otherwise, just think of it like keeping pet fish – pet fish you will eventually eat. Take good care of them and they will take good care of you.

Important cooking techniques for sausages

Important cooking techniques for sausagesSausages are great and satisfying additions to any meal. With quality sausages, you can easily cook the best sausage recipes. And whenever someone says that it is because of the recipe a sausage didn’t come out as expected, I’d correct them of the misconception immediately. Quality sausages depend more on meat science than the recipes they are used in.

Especially temperature control is a vital part of making superior textured and tasty sausages. Recipe is just a process, which can be varied based on the cook’s creative talent and smart use of ingredients. The important part that makes a sausage a fine one is not the spices you add to it, but the initial meat making procedure.

The way you grind the meat is the important part. I use an excellent quality meat grinder, which I purchased at . Once you have a good quality sausage, you can easily cook them the right way. Another important step you should keep in mind when making sausages is to taste the meat after mixing it with the spices, as you cannot do any changes after stuffing the sausage. Here are some important ways in which you can cook sausages.


This method, although a prolonged one, is a good way to cook sausages, if you intend to serve them as a whole. The poaching cooks the sausage thoroughly, so you can later grill them in your barbecue smoker or directly in a pan. This will give you tender and juicy sausages. But make sure you cut it into individual pieces, before adding them to the pot or they can lose their skins.


This method takes some time, but is an easy one to do. You need to just pop the sausage in your baking dish and add other accompaniments such as tomatoes or veggies, and your one pot dish is ready. The sausage may end up a little dry this way. Adding some sauce will take care of this.


Important cooking techniques for sausagesIt is hard to imagine a barbecue party without sausages. I usually prefer sausages to the chops or steak as the chances of the meat being overcooked or leathery is very slim with sausages. And this is true only if the sausage is made from a proper method as I mentioned before. Meat grinders play a vital role in making great quality sausages, so I always recommend buying the top quality machines from

Frying in pan

This is an old and tested method. You slice the sausage and use a pan for frying them.  Add some oil for better browning of the sausage.  This sliced sausage can be added to a variety of ingredients to get a spicy, succulent and tasty meat filled dish.

Stuffed sausages

With Christmas nearing, turkey and stuffing come to mind instantly. When you add sausages to the stuffing, it becomes a wonderful treat. The moist and meaty taste will be appreciated by all.

Crumbled and fried

You can also remove the skin from the sausage and crumble the meat in a pan. This is the fastest way to cook the meat. Moreover, you needn’t worry about split skins. This would taste wonderful in pasta and is easy to make too.

Learning to Live Your Life By Yourself

man-945438_960_720After I left my job, it seemed like everything ended then and there. I used to sit and do nothing being pushed into a sense of stupor. It was natural after having worked busily as a senior chef with not a minute to spare. However, I somehow managed to get out of my stunned state and I now have various busy activities lined up.

I am writing a recipe book for kids, involving myself in the local club activities, and I am thinking of starting a catering school of my own. Life is suddenly beautiful and full of possibilities. Mind you, I took some time to get to this state, but it was worth it. Here are some things that you can try out, if you find you are by yourself and have time on your hands.

Catch up on lost time

When you are busy working, you will not have time for watching your favorite show on TV. But when you have time to while away, grab the remote and find out the timings of your favorite show and start watching it without interruptions for a change! I used to love all those reality shows, especially the ones that select the best singer in the country. I like singing and go to karaoke parties occasionally with my friends. One of my friends has an excellent quality karaoke machine, which we use whenever we have a get together.

Sip a cuppa!

Take your tablet or book and go to the coffee shop nearby. A coffee shop is the right place to meet with people. Don’t be obvious about it. Be casual instead of looking desperate about it.  Strike a conversation asking about easy enough things like the best drink at the café or if you have your tablet, how to connect to wi-fi in the place or the most easy thing being the weather. Who knows you may meet your best friend for life this way. So, why not try this!

Go on a long drive

You don’t require a destination for taking a drive. Just hop into your vehicle, put on your favorite music, and sing along as you enjoy the drive. I remember during my student days when I went on bike rides with my friends. We used to have a great time. Even then we had some sort of karaoke sing along parties. Now there are advanced machines like at KARAOKEISLE, which is quite awesome. I would readily recommend it for those who like to have karaoke parties now.

Fitness freak

adventure-925049_960_720With work keeping you away from the gym, this is the best time to become fit as a fiddle. You can take up the fitness routine you like. Yoga, spinning, pilates, dancing, aerobics…take your pick. You can even find a friend in the aerobics or yoga sessions you sign up for. Being healthy is in itself a state of bliss that leads on to many other good things.

Even doing your daily routine in a relaxed manner, savoring the experience fully will make you realize that being alive is truly a wonderful thing, which we tend to forget in our rush to earn money and fame. So, remember that every minute of your life is precious and to be lived fully.

Healthy Skin Recipes

food-1022674_960_720My friend was complaining the other day about how his food habits had made his skin look dull and dreary. Foods high in fat and sugar content can lead to skin losing its healthy and glowing look. Foods not only serve as a solution for your hunger, when chosen properly they can help you gain a healthy skin too. Some foods are real powerhouses that help retain the smooth and supple nature of your skin and prevent age related destruction such as wrinkles. Here are some foods that keep you looking healthy and vibrant.

Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is a potent antioxidant. It offers excellent protection for your skin from environmental pollutants. Foods such as pink grapefruit and watermelon are also rich in lycopene. Adding tomato paste to food daily continuously for about 12 weeks can give better protection form sunburns.

An easy recipe for a tomato pasta sauce is to saute onions and garlic in olive oil. Add tomato paste, basil and oregano and water to get the consistency you need. Simmer for about 10 minutes and serve with pasta.

Cranberry-Grapefruit Juice Sparkler

You can easily make sparklers with organic and fresh juices. Choose juices that do not have any added sugar or fructose rich corn syrup and add sparkling mineral water. The effervescent, vitamin rich and low in sugar juice is a healthy and surefire way to keep your skin and body rehydrate. For a blemish free skin, using the advanced treatments  here also helps a great deal.

Glow with Chocolate

Cocoa is great for hydrating your skin. It makes your skin firm and supple. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonols, which is a powerful antioxidant.  To get the full effects of chocolate you should choose chocolate that has minimum of 70 percent cacao. Even topical application of chocolate is said to reduce puffiness in skin due to the caffeine content in it.

Yogurt for wrinkle free skin

Dairy foods are rich in protein. They keep the skin firm and free of wrinkles. This is particularly effective if you use Greek yogurt as it contains twice the amount of protein as in the regular yogurt.  Eat one serving of Greek yogurt every day to get a smooth and supple complexion. It also helps to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. For acne scars and other blemishes in the skin using the microdermabrasion system at CAMILASBEAUTY device helps, regain your normal healthy skin right from your home itself.

Fruits for protection

Pomegranates are rich in polyphenol antioxidants. The polyphenol fights against free radical formation and regulates the blood circulation in the skin giving the healthy pink hue to the skin. Drinking 2-3 glasses of pomegranate juice everyday will help in keeping you healthy. You can also apply the juice on your skin topically. The antioxidants help to smooth the lines and help in moisturizing your skin.

Yellow and green peppers also reduce the formation of wrinkles particularly near the eyes. The antioxidants present in the peppers help to reduce the sensitivity of skin from exposure to sun. Adding peppers to your meals daily will give your skin the healthy and supple look.